Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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iT Matters Asbestos

WA Cancer Council Priorities

The WA Cancer Council has released its wanted priorities for the WA 2013 election.

  • More specially trained cancer doctors, nurses and health professionals. There are simply too few experts to treat the cancers of today and certainly not enough for the future.
  • More money for health and medical research. Western Australia is falling sadly behind other States in Australia due to a lack of investment by the State Government. We want the next State Government to address this shortfall.
  • More action on asbestos. There is too much asbestos in the WA community, we know too little about where it is and there is insufficient action to educate those exposed, to safely remove, transport or dispose of it.

 To resolve the cancer workforce shortages:

  • Fund three new FTE (fulltime equivalent) Medical Oncologists for the WA public sector every year for the next four years. A clinical academic component should be added to some positions to improve the prospects of recruitment and retention and to improve research capacity.
  • Fund two new Medical Oncology trainee positions every year for the next four years.
  • Fund two new FTE Radiation Oncologists for the WA public hospital sector per year for the next four\ years. A clinical academic component should be added to some positions to improve the prospects of recruitment and retention.
  • Regain the accreditation to train Radiation Oncologists at SCGH and, once re-established, fund one new Radiation Oncology trainee position per year for the next five years.
  • Increase Radiation Therapist FTE positions by two each year for the next four years.
  • Increase Biomedical Engineering Officer FTE positions by two each year for the next two years.
  • Fund one new FTE Haematologist for the WA public hospital sector each year for the next three years.
  • Increase the number and seniority of Oncology Nurses.
  • Ensure we have enough workforce trained in super-specialty cancer.
  • Provide funding for translational cancer research in pathology.
  • Fund 0.5 FTE administrative support for each Specialist position.

To address the erosion of Western Australia’s medical and cancer research capacity:

  • Develop a detailed 10-year Research Strategy for Western Australia, which includes health and medical research, to ensure continual improvement and development of the research sector in Western Australia.
  • Appoint a State Minister for Research Development and the necessary resources to oversee the development and implementation of a WA Research Strategy and implement that strategy.
  • We anticipate that to achieve the above it will be necessary to inject at least an additional $30 million annually to health and medical research in Western Australia and index growth annually.
  • Invest a proportion of the Future Fund to grow the Health and Medical Research sector.

To the following with Asbestos:

  • Establish a register to identify exactly where and how much asbestos exists in the West Australian community, along with a process to determine prioritisation for removal.
  • Establish processes for safe removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos. There are currently only 14 locations in WA where asbestos can be legally disposed of, with no site north of Gingin.
  • Improved community awareness around the risks of asbestos exposure, especially for home renovators.
  • Training and education for the community and particularly for those in the highest risk professions such as building, construction and maintenance industries.
  • Establish clear lines of responsibility and identify which Government agency is primarily responsible for the safe, strategic management of asbestos. The agency taking this responsibility must have both the necessary powers and the resources to lead the
  • process in concert with all relevant State and Local Government entities.
  • Funding for research into better tools to identify and remove asbestos in the built environment.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.