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iT Matters Asbestos

Silence From Government of Burswood Peninsula Asbestos Claims

The press reports of Asbestos problems at the Burswood Peninsula have seen little or no response by the WA Government.

The Public Health website has no release about the problems, and our call to the Health Ministers office as Joe Public was a 'do not know' and transfer to Health Department and a phone ring around.

It is rather disturbing the Ministers office does not know who, if anyone, is dealing with the matter.

We were unable to get an answer from the Health Department, with after the circular ring around got the 'leave a message, we will get back to you'.

With reports that worked stopped at the site in November 2012 when contaminated material, including asbestos, was found on site, and the Health Department only recently advised, the risk management appears non operational.

The risk at the site have been known since 1998 with this EPA report highlighting the asbestos risks at Burswood Peninsula.

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