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Commerce Matters

What has Happened to Oakajee

Oakajee Port was promised by Colin Barnett in 1998 to be completed in 30 months, that was 2000.

It is now 2013 and the project is still remains an uncertainty.

In 1998 Barnett said, 'The port's core facilities had been estimated to cost approximately $192 million, plus or minus 25 per cent.'

The Oakajee Port and Rail project is now stated as costing $4.4b on the Department of Transport website.

In late 2012 the project dramatically cut its workforce by 77 people and scaled back expenditure, and Premier Barnett said in 2012 'I will not give up, this Government will not give up,'.

Barnett has now put $340m away in a account for future use by the project at time when the WA budget is in significant debt.

Financial market analysts have also stated they believe the short term viability of the project has gone.

In 1998 Premier Barnett said, 'The tender process to be undertaken over the next few months will throw light on the market's view of the financial and technical information generated to date,'.

That few months has now been allowed to extend to 13+years.

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