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Commerce Matters

EventsCorp to blame for loss of Mundaring Truffle Festival

Greens Statement

The State Government’s unreasonable conditions on funding are to blame for the disappointing loss of the Mundaring Truffle Festival, said Greens East Metro MP Alison Xamon.

Ms Xamon spoke out after it emerged that the Government’s event body, Eventscorp, had insisted on onerous liability conditions under the proposed sponsorship deal.

“The Truffle Festival is one of the regional highlights of the year and a wonderful showcase for our local food and wine producers,” Ms Xamon said.

“It is a highly successful event for the Hills region and draws visitors from all around the State to one of the most beautiful areas of Perth.

“The Truffle festival is entirely home-grown and all the investment is returned to Western Australian businesses and the community.

“The purpose of Eventscorp is to support the development of events like these.

“Eventscorp is becoming a sponsorship bully insisting on a ‘take it or leave it’ approach to funding. This is entirely unreasonable.

“Eventscorp needs to remember its mandate is to support world class events, not to demand onerous conditions, then take their bat and ball home when they are not met.”

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