Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Commerce Matters

Nationals' plan to boost training for local workforce

Nationals Statement

Nationals WA candidate for Albany, Robert Sutton, welcomed a plan today to help build a skilled workforce in Western Australia by extending the Construction Industry Training Fund levy to projects in the resources sector.

Mr Sutton said if The Nationals WA retain the balance of power at the upcoming State election, they would expand the Construction Industry Training Fund, which supports skills programs including apprenticeships, entry level training, research and accreditation, by requiring the resource sector contribute to the Fund.

Nationals WA pledge $50 million for Regional Grants Scheme

Nationals Statement

The Nationals WA candidate for Moore, Shane Love, has welcomed a commitment made by Nationals’ Leader Brendon Grylls today to invest $50 million from Royalties for Regions to deliver the Regional Grants Scheme program.

Mr Love said the funding announced in Toodyay today would enable the continuation of the Regional Grants Scheme for a further four years, should The Nationals WA retain the balance of power at the upcoming election.

Mark McGowan on The Kimberley at LaborLIVE 2010

Mark McGowan as former Shadow State Development Minister and former Environment Minister talks about Labor's position on development in the Kimberley in 2010

The Nationals WA back the sheep industry

Nationals Statement

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman has inspected the current research site which may become The Nationals WA’s proposed Sheep Industry Development Centre in Katanning.

The $10million centre, likely to be established at the Great Southern Agriculture Research Institute, is one of the features of The Nationals WA $300 million agriculture policy.

Slow Hand Clap Please...

The WA and Australian Farmers problems are becoming increasing apparent to the wider community.

The following post that we reproduce by a WA Farmer provides a frank opinion on the need for a wider community understanding, and support.

Live Export

By @farmers_w_i_t

They say that ignorance is bliss and sometimes I would say this is true. It's lovely to live in a little bubble of the idealistic world where nothing horrible ever happens and everything lives peacefully. Then this bubble is broken and you find out about things that appall you and you realise that your ideal world is not as ideal as you think it is. As a teenager finding out about live export from one of those shows on TV showing how awful it is for the animals was one of my bubble poppings.

Farmer Releases #hadagutful Video

Farmer Gemma Lee Steere has organised a video supporting the WA Farmers #hadagutful campaign.

The video is a combined unity of farmers and supporters of the Australian Live Export Industry.

Ross Highlights Sleep Apnoea in Truck Drivers

Gregg Ross has highlighted a report in the news that claims, 'inquest has heard that up to half of all heavy-truck drivers suffer from sleep apnoea'.

He says the 'Time to look after the people who carry Oz'.

Project deferrals batter business confidence to GFC lows in December

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia have said long term expectations for West Australian economy have dropped to lowest level since the global financial crisis.


APPEA Claims Alarmism Over Gas Supply

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association has hit back at a main stream media claim 'Australia is about to become a gas-rich country that cannot supply its domestic needs'.

Seizing the opportunity – The Nationals WA’s vision for agriculture

Nationals Statement January 23

Leader of The Nationals WA Brendon Grylls and Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman today launched a landmark agriculture policy that will enable Western Australian farmers capitalise on the economic growth of Asia.

Mr Grylls said if The Nationals WA win the balance of power they would commit $300 million from Royalties for Regions to empower the agricultural sector to realise its potential.

Grylls Admits Mistakes Over James Price Point

Brendon Grylls has admitted that his department made a mistake over the compulsory acquisition process for land around James Price Point.

Solar Based 24hr Energy Is Available

Examples of solar based energy production on a 24hr basis are now available.

Milk price report released by WA Farmers and CBG

WA Farmers have released a report on Milk prices in Western Australia which has found that milk prices paid to farmers were not sustainable for the long term industry continuation.

Kimberley Candidates Gas Views

Interview with Kimberley WA State election 2013 candidates on radio.


The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.