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Disability iT Matters

It's time WA got on board the NDIS

Media Release

Shadow Minister for Disability Services Sue Ellery today called on the Barnett Government to get on board the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) at tomorrow's Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting.

Ms Ellery said it was time to end the bickering with Canberra and give thousands of Western Australian people with disabilities the certainty of an NDIS.

"Premier Colin Barnett has resisted and fought against a NDIS from the beginning and as a result, WA has missed out on setting up a national launch site," Ms Ellery said.

"Mr Barnett claims the NDIS is a Canberra rip-off and a takeover by the Federal Government.

"At the COAG meeting in August 2011 all State governments agreed on the need for major reform of disability services in Australia through an NDIS.

"More than a year later, the Premier must stop the bickering and start implementing the scheme, which will revolutionise the disability sector."

Ms Ellery said Western Australia currently had a rationed system of funding for people with a disability.

"This means in every funding round at least 80 to 90 per cent of WA families are denied funding for urgent accommodation assistance for someone with a disability in their family," she said.

"In the most recent funding round to the Disability Services Commission, only 108 of the 554 applications by families were successful. This means 81 per cent of families that applied for funding missed out.                                                 

"Last year's Australian Productivity Commission's report into disability care and support found;                

'the current disability support system is underfunded, unfair, fragmented, and inefficient, and gives people with a disability little choice and no certainty of access to appropriate supports.'

"An NDIS will be a universal entitlement scheme and will ensure Western Australians with a disability do not have to enter a lottery to get the support they need.

"We live in a prosperous state and we can afford a baseline of universal funding for Western Australians with a disability."

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