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Disability iT Matters

My Way program begins roll-out - Disability

Ministerial Statement

Western Australia’s unique My Way project has begun with more than 100 people already signed up to have more choice and control of the supports and services they need to live a good life in their local community.

My Way is being implemented in four Disability Services Commission areas across Western Australia: Cockburn-Kwinana, the Hills, Lower South-West and Goldfields.

Disability Services Minister Helen Morton launched the Cockburn chapter of My Way today, highlighting the State Government’s commitment to a more self-directed approach to disability services.

“The My Way project is about people with disability getting services their way. People have told us they want self-directed supports and services and we are making that happen for them,” Mrs Morton said.

“I’m delighted that people embracing this new approach by assessing options for themselves by identifying roadblocks, devising solutions and evaluating the best way to make a change in their lives, with assistance from the My Way co-ordinators.

“More than 3,500 people in WA are eligible to sign up for My Way to design, plan and implement supports and services for their individual needs.”

The Minister said My Way was a partnership project on every level, from the relationship between people with disability and their local area co-ordinators to the choice of My Way co-ordinators based in government and non-government agencies.

“In addition, supports and services will be provided by a diverse range of organisations, and new relationships are expected to be formed between people with disability and their communities,” she said.

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