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Disability iT Matters

WA Labor to establish a Disability Housing Taskforce

Labor Statement

A WA Labor Government will establish a Disability Housing Strategy Development Taskforce to identify long term solutions to provide a greater diversity of housing models for people with a disability, Shadow Minister for Disability Services Sue Ellery said today.

Ms Ellery said affordable, accessible and diverse housing options will make a real difference for Western Australians living with a disability.

"WA Labor believes now is the time for a new approach towards housing for people with a disability," Ms Ellery said.

"Purpose built or modified housing does not have to be built on the edges of our communities but should include inner city living and higher density housing options.

"This will ensure Western Australians with a disability can live as independently as they choose."

Ms Ellery said a Disability Housing Strategy Taskforce will improve housing access and supply, address the critical and unmet long term demand for housing and examine innovative solutions to address housing shortages. 

The Disability Housing Strategy Development Taskforce will:

  • Consider housing options built on the principle of full inclusion within the community of the individuals with a disability;
  • Examine alternative options for government assisted finance packages to enable low income people with disabilities achieve home ownership;
  • Explore ways to ensure universal building design principles can be incorporated into all public and social housing and the promotion of accessibility audits of private housing developments;
  • Provide advice on improving the supply of and access to an innovative and diverse range of housing options for people with disabilities;
  • Comprise of people with disabilities, representatives of the housing industry, disability advocacy groups, disability service providers and government agencies; and
  • Report to the Minister for Disability Services and the Minister for Housing.  

"WA Labor believes now is the time to examine housing affordability and accessibility for people with a disability," she said.

"WA Labor will allocate $270 000 to ensure the Taskforce can consult widely. WA Labor has better priorities for a better future for all Western Australians."

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