Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Education Matters

Freo Parents Continue For Fair Education

Parents in the Fremantle region have continued their push for a fairer Education System within the region.

Yesterday Australian Federal Education Minister Peter Garrett met in Fremantle with Simone McGurk and Melissa Parke to discuss the issues.

The High School Options for Freo group had previously said said that:

'parents have been talking about this for years around the barbecue. “Most people throw their hands up and
say that they just don’t know what to do. None of us can be confident that in five years’ time, there will be an academic public high school open to all in Fremantle.” '
There survey showed:
  1. 93.6% prefer to send their children to a high school in the Fremantle area.
  2. 77.7% prefer to send their children to a public high school, 17.8% are unsure (many indicated that this was because of the limited choices available to them).
  3. Over 95% of parents surveyed are concerned about the current high school options in Fremantle.
  4. 94.6% would like a feasibility study to be conducted around high school options in Fremantle.
  5. 91.1% would like their children to attend a high school where university is the pre-dominant post-school destination.

One of the many parents who filled out the survey, said,

“There seems to be a dearth of academically focussed high schools that service the Fremantle area, considering the greatly increased demographic who need and want the facility.

Not all people can afford or wish to send their children to private schools.”


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