Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Education Matters

The IPS Debacle Continues

SSTUWA Statement

State School Teachers Union President Anne Gisborne said today that Education Minister Peter Collier’s announcement that he plans to make almost every school an Independent Public School (IPS) is a complete abdication of the Barnett Government’s responsibility for equity in the education of our children.

“Nowhere in the world has it been shown that the IPS model guarantees improved student outcomes,” she said.

Ms Gisborne noted that it was interesting that the announcement was made prior to the completion of Melbourne University’s independent review of the scheme.

“His statement that no school he has visited has criticised the program comes as no surprise when one considers the fate of public sector employees who criticise the Barnett Government,” she added.

“Minister Collier sees it as a sign of success that 221 people applied for 4 positions at Roseworth Primary School.

“It’s a sign of the failure!” she commented.

“In addition to the massive workload facing school principals, that school’s leadership team has had added to their tasks the reading and assessing of the applications from 221 people – a role previously handled in head office.

“The fact that there were so many applicants is an indication of the chaotic staff placement system in operation this year for country staff wishing to return to the city after years of quality service, of the poor placement system for new graduates and of teachers on short term contracts endeavouring to obtain permanent positions.”

“School Grant funding has been frozen for two years as cost rise, the Staffing Processes this year have been chaotic, funds are being reduced for important school programmes, less people are applying for leadership positions in bush schools, and the fact that we have a vastly under resourced programme to introduce the Australian Curriculum are all hidden from view by the smoke and mirrors of another IPS media statement,” said Ms Gisborne

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