Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Education Matters

$ 4m to engage students in learning

Liberal Statement

Funding to specialised schools helping students with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties will be increased to $4million over four years under a Liberal Government.
Education Minister Peter Collier said the money would go to Curriculum and Re-engagement in Education (CARE) schools which currently enrol more than 800 disengaged students across 10 sites.
“These specialised non-government schools provide education programs for students with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties and play a pivotal role in re-engaging at risk students in the education system,” he said.
“The CARE schools aim to increase school attendance, improve literacy and numeracy skills and provide appropriate life skills
for students so they have increased opportunities after school, whether this is in employment, further training or further study.”
There are currently 10 CARE schools in Western Australia, with more than 800 students enrolled and Mr Collier said a key advantage of CARE schools was their ability to re-engage students in learning in a targeted way.
“The work of CARE schools is unique and different to mainstream schools,” he said
“The schools work to re-engage students who no longer fit traditional education models and this also means educational outcomes of students in mainstream schools are not affected.”
The Minister said the Liberal Party had delivered on its 2008 commitment to provide an additional $3million in funding to CARE schools.
“The CARE schools work in a complementary manner with the State Government’s behaviour centres which also provide students with complex needs to ensure that arange of programs and approaches are available to get these kids back on track,” he said.

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