Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Education Matters

Greens launch Support for Schools Action Plan

Greens Statement

All students must be supported at school to achieve their very best regardless of their background or circumstances, says Greens WA spokesperson for education Alison Xamon.

“Sadly, this is not the case in Western Australia,” Ms Xamon said.

“Successive WA Governments have failed to ensure that all our children get the best education they possibly can. They have not satisfactorily addressed the requirements of children with special educational needs.

“As a result of this neglect too many disadvantaged and at-risk children in WA schools are missing out on the opportunity to reach their potential.

“Failure at school has lifelong effects. The costs to the community in the long run are greater than the costs of intervening successfully during the school years.

“The Greens’ Support for Students Action Plan is a comprehensive, research-based initiative to start putting things right.”

Ms Xamon said the Support for Students Action Plan will:

  • expand Schools Plus categories and expand eligibility criteria, including specific packages to address needs such as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and specific learning disabilities like dyslexia;
  • create more individualised support options for students and schools;
  • ensure that teachers and school staff receive the targeted support they need;
  • improve access to diagnosis and assessment; and
  • establish an Education Consumers’ Council to provide advice, advocacy and support for students and their families.

“State Governments have failed too many of these students and as a result they are leaving our schools without the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life,” Ms Xamon said.

“With the appropriate support these children can, and will, succeed.”

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