Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Energy itMatters

Key questions about the energy market are left unanswered

Greens Statement

Greens WA spokesperson for Energy, Robin Chapple MLC, today congratulated Labor on working towards a plan to innovate in the WA energy market, however called for clarification on how this would benefit the renewable energy industry.

“The energy market certainly needs reform, however in preventing Verve from bringing new plants on line, we must assume that this includes the proposed wind farm in the Mid-West and other projects valuable to the state’s energy mix.

“Rather than sweeping statements and headline grabbing election promises, the Labor Party should provide a plan, as the Greens have done, which outlines exactly how they propose to reform the energy market and how their reforms will benefit independent energy generators, said Mr Chapple today.

In a previous media release the Greens WA had hit out at the government about the cost blow-out on the long-promised Muja coal-fired power station refurbishment and the unnecessary investment in fossil fuel generators, saying that the government has invested in a “hugely costly white elephant".

“Perhaps if the government invested in the real barriers to energy reform, the inaccessible distribution network, archaic access arrangements and ‘locked-in’ coal and gas contracts which renewable generators find so prohibitive, then the future of energy generation could begin.

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