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Barnett’s debt solution: Western Power set for market day

Labor Statement February 22

Colin Barnett will sell Western Power if he is re-elected, WA Labor Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said Mr Barnett's extraordinary statement this week that his Government will just keep borrowing money to pay for his election promises was not to be believed.

"It's little wonder Mr Barnett is being nonchalant about debt. It appears he secretly plans to reign in debt by selling off West Power," he said.

"I reject his statement yesterday that he has no plans to do so."

Mr Wyatt said Mr Barnett had once again disguised his true intentions to sell state assets, and pointed to a response to a 1997 Question in Parliament from then-backbencher Mark McGowan to then-Minister for Energy Colin Barnett:

Wednesday, 20 August 1997, Legislative Assembly, Questions on Notice, ALINTAGAS:

MR MCGOWAN: Will the government privatise Alinta Gas? Does the Government rule out ever privatising Alintagas?

MR BARNETT: At present the Government has no plans to privatise AlintaGas.

My Wyatt said Mr Barnett has fooled the people of Western Australia once, he can't fool them twice.

"Mr Barnett has been fattening up Western Power for market day in a second term," he said.

"Western Power has recently recorded profits at the expense of Western Australian families. It will fetch a handsome sum for Mr Barnett to pay off his debts and squandered billions.

"Once sold, Western Power will be gone forever.

"Blind Freddy can see this sale coming. Mr Barnett is trying to keep his privatisation mask glued on until after the next election.

"Yesterday Energy Minister Peter Collier's former Chief of Staff Darren Brown said selling public assets like Western Power was the 'core ideology' of the Liberal Party."

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