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Environment Matters

Time for Climate Action as 2013 Summer Hottest on Record

via WA Conservation Council

The WA Civil Society Climate Roundtable has called for action to help WA adapt to a hotter, dryer, more hostile climate, after the Bureau of Meteorology released data showing Australia has just endured its hottest summer on record, with a national average temperature of 28.6° - 1.1° above normal.

‘Western Australia has just experienced the most extreme summer in our history’, said Roundtable patron, Anglican Bishop Tom Wilmot.

‘WA temperature records keep on being broken – and they’ll keep on being broken in coming years. What we are experiencing is the new normal, a more extreme and hostile environment in WA.

‘It is part of a bigger picture in which the changing climate will place real strain on already strained communities, especially outside the cities. And it is part of a bigger picture in which farmland that used to be some of our best becomes marginal because of declining rainfall.

‘We need to start planning to help regional and farming communities adapt to a changing climate, and manage the impact that increasingly extreme weather is going to have on the natural places that we love.

‘The WA Civil Society Climate Roundtable have been urging WA political parties to outline policies on climate change and adaptation, but so far there has been little from either major political party on this front.

“It's time political parties outlined where they stand on managing climate changes that are already impacting on all Western Australians.”

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.