Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Environment Matters

Howard adviser slams Gas Hub plans

Former adviser to the Howard government Geoff Cousins has explained his opposition to the location of Woodside Petroleum's gas hub being located onshore in the Kimberley.

Greens intensify campaign against James Price Point gas hub

Greens Statement

The Greens WA have today released a video on James Price Point as part of a national Too Precious to Lose campaign aimed at protecting the nation’s most environmentally sensitive areas.

Greens’ Action Plan calls for radical overhaul of groundwater management

Greens Statement

The Greens are pushing for an inquiry into the Department of Water following a four-year investigation that found the DOW was failing to protect or even properly monitor groundwater use.

The investigation by the Greens found that more than half of the large water users on the Gnangara Mound were not required to meter their water use despite this being in breach of the DOW’s own policies. Even those who had meters were not being made to report what they took.

Too Precious to Lose Enrolment Drive - Kimberley


The campaign to protect James Price Point has reached a crucial point, with the WA Government recently handing Woodside permission to undertake the final stage of their exploratory drilling program.

This drilling will take part in an area which includes Aboriginal burial grounds – disturbing sites that are sacred to indigenous people. This is despite findings by a previous State Government that these sites must be protected for environmental and cultural heritage reasons.

What Is Plan B? Asks Hipkins

Independent candidate for Nedlands Max Hipkins has asked the WA Government what is Plan B over Chevron.

Smart water meters cheaper than desalination

Greens Statement

WA Greens Water Spokesperson Alison Xamon MLC says smart water meters, not more desalination plants, must be amongst the measures to avoid a future water crisis in WA.

Commenting on the latest results of a trial of smart water meters in Kalgoorlie, Ms Xamon said the nearly one billion litre annual water-saving resulting from a $4 million investment in the new technology shows that the household water-use measuring devices are a cheaper option in the long-term than desalination.

Greens release plan for solar panels on every public housing home

Greens Statement

The Greens have unveiled a $68 million plan to slash the power bills of some of the state’s poorest families and pensioners while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 74,000 tonnes a year.

The plan would see 1.5kW solar systems installed on the roofs of every public and community housing dwelling across the state.

National park status for famous Horizontal Falls

Liberal Announcement

The Liberal National Government will establish new Class A marine and national parks encompassing the world-renowned Horizontal Falls at Talbot Bay in the Kimberley.
The national park and the marine park will provide the highest level of protection to the immense natural and cultural values of the area and the stunning coastal scenery.

Greens call for mining tenements over proposed Horizontal Falls Parks to be revoked

Greens Statement

Greens (WA) member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC has called on the Barnett/Grylls government to revoke all mining exploration tenements in the proposed new Horizontal Falls National Park and Marine Park area.

Greens oppose Nationals’ plans to dam the Fitzroy River and promote broad scale land clearing in the Kimberley

Greens Statement

Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC has criticized the National Party’s newly released ‘vision for agriculture’ as it relates to the Kimberley region, calling it a thinly veiled attempt to put the damming of the Fitzroy River back on the State’s agenda.

Barnett Gets Bully Tag at Broome

Premier Colin Barnett has had 'Bully' label tag on a visit to Broome.

Barnett Broome Bully


John Butler 'Kimberley'

Song contribution to Kimberley Gas Hub objection by John Butler.

The Kimberley - What's the fuss?

Promotional video on Kimberley om stopping the onshore processing hub. (2008)

Socialist Alliance Stand Up for Burrup

Socialist Alliance have taken part in the 'Stand Up' for the Burrup peninsula campaign at there National Conference in Melbourne.

Robin Chapple MLC slams the Minister against the Environment for poor environmental decisions

Greens Statement January 23

US energy giant Chevron's massive Wheatstone LNG project will not have any carbon emission restrictions after the State Government ignored its own independent advice and removed them.

The move comes after Chevron's claim in July that the Federal Government's carbon tax, which came into effect on July 1, had made the conditions redundant.

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