Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Environment Matters

On-the-spot litter fines increased

Liberal Statement

Litterers will be hit with significantly increased on-the-spot fines from today as new laws take effect.

Worlds Largest Investors Call For Action on Climate Change

The Worlds largest investor have called for action on climate change and have sent an open letter to major governments of the World.

Don't be fooled that they may be doing for you - they want it so can continue to make money.

Causes of Climate Change - by CC

The four key causes of climate change identified by the Australian Climate Commission.

Rottnest Island – what does it mean to you?

Greens Statement Lynn MacLaren January 10

In many ways Rottnest Island is like the Swan River – unique, iconic, and much loved by the denizens of Perth. But who does it belong to, other than to itself? Who has the right to make decisions about its future? Who will preserve its values, and is there consensus on what those values are?

WA Labor to lead the nation in penalties for polluters

Labor Statement

A WA Labor Government will introduce the nation's toughest penalties for companies that commit environmental offences, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Excluding health from the Fracking debate in WA

Recently Mines Minister Moore intervened to stifle public debate on Fracking at open forums.

This is a very alarming practice by the Barnett Liberal Government and certainly warrants a high level of scrutiny.

Dr George Crisp was obstructed from attending.

He states 'It is not the place of a government or its ministers to willfully restrict access to relevant information or expert opinion, and intervening in public meetings in this way should indeed be scrutinised by the media.'

His full account follows.

Wittenoom Still has Asbestos Problems Not Remedied

Wittenoom has been left with a legacy by Hancock, Wright and CSR of asbestos issues that still require fixing in the environment.

Dept Mines & Petroleum Not Sure on Coal Seam Gas

The Western Australian Dept Mines & Petroleum are not sure about the safety of coal seam gas.

10 reasons why the LNG development should not go on the Kimberley coast

The Wilderness Society have a list of 10 reasons why there should be no development in the Kimberley of LNG projects.

Unconventional Gas Extraction causes Community Rage in Queensland

The unconventional extraction of gas in Queensland has caused great community concern. With the expansion in Western Australia what are the concerns?


WA Labor to protect threatened species

Labor Statement

A WA Labor Government will protect threatened species and their environments by making the passage of a Biodiversity Conservation Act a first term priority, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Government Flying Blind on Fracking Chemicals

Adele Carles crticised the WA Government approach to chemicals use in fracking back in 2011.

Her statement:

Banjup Disallowance Motion

Greens Announcement

MRS Amendment 1221/41 Banjup 28 November

I (Lynn MacLaren MLC) have moved to disallow the Banjup MRS amendment in the interests of better planning, and particularly, in this case, in the interests of conserving the Jandakot mound as one of Perth’s important water resources and in protecting future residents from noise impacts.

Adele Slams Licence to Pollute for Gas Hub


“The Environment Minister’s decision to remove limits on carbon pollution imposed by the EPA is unprecedented and hands Kimberely gas hub proponents a licence to pollute” says Independent MP Adele Carles.

Greens MP Chapple calls on EPA Chief to resign

Greens Statement

Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC has hit out at comments made by Environmental Protection Authority chief Paul Vogel today supporting mining companies seeking to ‘streamline environmental approvals’ ahead of conservationists.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.