Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Common sense prevails with new, simplified recreational fishing rules

Nationals Statement

The Nationals candidate for Moore, Shane Love has welcomed a simplifying of recreational fishing rules which includes the removal of regional rule variations.

“For a family enjoying a spot of fishing or for a retiree engaging in their passion, they will no longer have to be across a myriad of technical regulations as to what they can catch and where,” Mr Love said.

The Fisheries Minister announced the change this week after extensive consultation with WA’s recreational fishing community.

“More than 900 public submissions were received following what was a major review of how recreational fishing is regulated,” Mr Love said.

“Sensibly, where the rules differed across four different regions, the same rules will now apply state-wide.”

 Key changes include:

  • Large pelagic fish - mixed bag limit of three fish across WA.
  • Demersal species - mixed bag limit of five outside the West Coast Bioregion.
  • Demersal species - mixed bag limit of two within the West Coast Bioregion
  • Nearshore and estuarine fish - mixed bag limit of 16 across WA.
  • Freshwater - mixed bag limit of four.
  • Standard bag limit of two barramundi across WA.
  • Standard bag limit of eight for all rock lobster species across the State.
  • Possession limits - no use of commercial couriers to transport unaccompanied fish.
  • Simplifying the rules of processing/filleting at sea and how they are landed.

The new rules will come into force on February 2, 2013.

“I congratulate the recreational fishing community for making their case for simpler rules.”

“Fishing is favourite past time of many West Australians and I am glad it will now be enjoyed without the complications which had resulted from the different rules for different areas,” Mr Love said.

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