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Freo For Schools Group Press Release Over Minister Report Card

Press Release

Report Card: Minister Peter Collier, 2012 “This student has real potential if he applies himself. Procrastinating tendencies…”

On this last day of school for 2012, Fremantle families have sent Minister Collier a report card on how he has handled the Fremantle high schools matter, indicating a failing grade to meet the educational needs of the community.

Although he "passed‟ on the task of meeting with parents, this was in early October and nothing has yet been resolved.

High School Options for Fremantle convenor, Traci Gamblin said, “We made it clear at that meeting and in subsequent letters that the community did not want the issue dragged out and that we would expect any further consultation to occur without delay. Are we to assume the silence from the Minister means he is counting down the days to the election?”

“We know that the government will be soon going into "caretaker‟ mode prior to the election. The community cannot wait around until the election for a resolution to this issue. That approach would demonstrate serious disregard for the plight of local children and insensitivity to the stress hundreds of families are under.”

The report card highlights the Fremantle high school debacle, where a lack of public high schooling options causes stress for hundreds of families in the community, many having to look way beyond Fremantle for a school that meets their needs. The report card also gives Minister Collier a failing mark for not ensuring that Fremantle families have an open-entry, public, co-ed school with the full breadth and depth of courses available.

“Every day that goes by is another day of uncertainty for Fremantle families. Right now, there are people making tough decisions about their children‟s high schooling and need to know what the government is going to do and when”.

“Minister Collier did show an ability to listen when we met with him back in October so he has time to redeem himself with action this week. We‟re all ears.”

Ministers Report Card

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