Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Fremantle Schools iT Matters

Progress, but future of Secondary Education in Fremantle still in doubt

by High School Options for Fremantle

Responding to today’s announcement by WA Labor on its secondary education platform for Fremantle, the High School Options for Fremantle (HSOF) parents’ group said it supported the party’s long-term plan to enhance science programs at South Fremantle but that opening John Curtin high school to local children was also essential.

HSOF said that Labor’s announcement confirmed that the crisis in high school education in Fremantle was a core issue in the election campaign for the region and that the community’s concerns were getting traction.
“This announcement confirms that the lack of adequate high school options in the Fremantle area is central in the election campaign and sets the scene for long-overdue commitments to fix the problem.” said HSOF convenor, Traci Gamblin.

“Today’s commitment by Labor to fund a selective science program at South Fremantle Senior High School is an encouraging long-term investment which could help put the school on the path to revitalisation. We welcome it.” says convenor Traci Gamblin.
“However, the community is calling for a two-pronged approach, which must also see more local intake places made available at John Curtin in the short-term. Hundreds of families are anxiously waiting to hear that their children can have access to a full range of academic courses immediately. John Curtin is ready to go – open some places up there, and there will be a huge sigh of relief from Fremantle families. There is a dire need for support for both John Curtin and South Fremantle.”

High School Options for Fremantle has written to Fremantle candidates asking for the two-pronged approach to be adopted well before the election. HSOF wants more local places at John Curtin as of 2014, and for a long-term investment in South Fremantle Senior High School’s academic program.

“We are calling on all parties to respond to the community – to tell Fremantle families who favour public education that they no longer have to go to the private system for a comprehensive education.”

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