Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Gas Hub iT Matters

Social impact of proposed gas hub the election question

Nationals Statement

Broome people have a right to question the actual social implications of the proposed James Price Point gas hub, should it go ahead.

Nationals candidate for the Kimberley, Michele Pucci, said comprehensive and community-focused attention was needed on the challenges ahead if the gas project was given the financial and environmental green light.

Ms Pucci met with about 30 Broome people opposed to the gas hub late last week where she outlined her approach to the controversial issue, ahead of the coming State election.

"I personally believe more needs to be done to ensure the likely social impact is managed - and managed well - to the benefit of the Broome community," she said.

"However the stark reality is that, without the Nationals retaining the balance of power, I sincerely doubt whether the best interest of Broome will be protected."

Ms Pucci said voters at the election would need to ask themselves whether locals would have much of a say if the Liberal Party was able to govern it its own right.

"I am a realist. I personally have little control over whether the gas hub goes ahead or not. But if it does, we need to be there at the bargaining table when it comes to how it will impact on Broome.

Ms Pucci said this means a win for the Nationals in the Kimberley is vital.

"I give a commitment that, if elected, I will be the first to stand beside any Broome resident who wants to make sure the social impact is minimised and benefits maximised.

"If the gas hub goes ahead, I would like to see permanent workers, along with their own families, become part of the Broome community as residents and contributors to the town's great way of life."

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