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Grain Rail iT Matters

Grain freight network a priority for The Nationals WA

Nationals Statement December 17

The Nationals WA have released their plan to support the retention of a competitive and safe grain freight network in regional Western Australia.

Nationals MP and candidate for Central Wheatbelt Mia Davies said the Grain Freight Network position statement outlined the Parliamentary Party’s commitment to keeping grain on rail.

"Our team remains committed to grain on rail and this paper sets out steps to achieve it," Ms Davies said.

"Our plan calls for an independent entity to review and provide advice back to Government in relation to further investment in the grain rail network."

Since the initial State and Federal Government investment of $350 million into the grain freight network in this term of Government there’ve been a number of significant changes in the grains industry and freight network.

"We support an independent review of the comparative cost, productivity and efficiencies of the tier 3 grain rail network with the road network and an examination of the operating and maintenance models of Brookfield Rail and CBH/Watco to ensure a least cost, sustainable business model is utilised for the benefit of industry and the safety of the community," Ms Davies said.

"We support further investment from Government, pending the outcome of this independent review."

"Most importantly, we recommend all lines currently in use remain open and maintained to a standard that allows CBH/Watco to utilise them until we have the outcomes of the review."

Party Leader Brendon Grylls MLA said The Nationals WA had kept grain rail on the Government agenda.

"We know this is an important issue for our constituents which is why we have been strong advocates for investment in the freight network," Mr Grylls said.

"A $350 million State and Federal Government investment into the grain freight network was a significant commitment to industry.

"We believe there is a case to revisit the decision to permanently close all tier 3 grain lines and we want industry and the community to be very clear this issue is a priority for The Nationals should we be returned to Government."

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