Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Greens push to keep the street lights on but the costs down

Greens Statement

The Greens are pushing to make street lighting in WA more energy efficient and cost effective through an initiative to replace street lamps with greener technology.

The $40 million project would slash carbon emissions and power costs for local governments across the southern regions of the state.

Greens candidate for North Metro Cameron Poustie said street lighting accounted for up to half of the energy costs spent by local councils and contributed to a huge percentage of their greenhouse gas emissions.

“This relatively simple and straight forward initiative would result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and more money in the pockets of local councils,” Mr Poustie said.

“It would be relatively quick and easy to roll-out and would not require a great deal of money but the savings to councils and the environment would be significant.

“Making deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions is imperative for this state and one way we can see this happen fast is to upgrade our street lighting network.

“In the 2011/12 budget, the WA Local Government Association proposed a costed project which would have seen a complete changeover from old, inefficient, high emissions lighting options, to a more sustainable option.

“The association required a commitment from the government of 50 per cent in order to submit an application for a grant to complete the project but the government refused.

“The Greens are committed to helping bring down costs to local councils and cutting greenhouse gas emissions and one way this can be done is to update the lamps  in the state’s outdated and high energy consuming street lighting.

“If elected to parliament this will be one of the first things I will push to make happen,” Mr Poustie said.

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