Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Announcements by Greg Ross

Ross Continues Criticism of Tunnel Widening

Widening of the Tunnel to 3 lanes has been a project highlighted with deficiencies and safety issues by Greg Ross Independent candidate for Kalamunda.

In recent days the Victoria Coroner has been quotes as saying by ABC that 'She recommended further consideration be given to banning lane changes in any new tunnels, along with designs that incorporate emergency lanes and help regulate speed and maintain safety.'

This was in response to the fatal Burnley tunnel crash in Melbourne in 2007.

In the incident seven vehicles, including three semi-trailers, crashed into each other when truck driver David Kalwig swerved to miss a broken down truck in left lane of the tunnel. More than 100 other vehicles managed to pass the broken down truck safely before the accident.

Ross wrote, 'I have been criticised by some people and contradicted by the Minister for Planning, John Day, for my video clip showing and explaining the madness of removing the existing Emergency Lanes in the Northbridge Tunnel,'

Ross has written, 'In the name of sanity road safety and the voters of Western Australia, I demand that John Day, Colin Barnett and Troy Buswell  rethink an act of ill-considered planning and keep the emergency lanes in the Tunnel. They are wilfully wrong.'

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