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Health Matters

WA Labor’s plan to slash hospital waitlists

Labor Statement

A McGowan Government will invest $45million over three years to reduce the current waiting list of 15,994 people by providing an additional 8,300 elective surgeries, WA Labor Leader McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said this investment will mean hospitals can perform an additional 8,300 elective surgeries, which is nearly half the current waitlist, and employ an extra 200 nurses.

In addition to the 15,994 people on the waitlist, there were a further 24,000 people waiting to be put on the waitlist.

"Our health system is overstretched and struggling to cope with our fast-growing population," Mr McGowan said.

"Instead of meeting these challenges, the Barnett Government has failed to drive down wait lists for elective surgery, with an extra 2,000 people now waiting for surgeries since they came into office.

"It has broken its promise that no one would wait longer than the clinically acceptable waiting period for their level of surgery, with the most recent figures from the Department of Health showing only 84 per cent of the most urgent cases are treated within the recommended time."

Mr McGowan said WA Labor would invest $45million in delivering better hospitals with shorter waiting lists, including: 

  • Driving down the current waiting list;
  • Employing 200 extra nurses; and
  • Reviewing the nurses graduate program.

"Our hospitals have longer queues, with ambulance ramping hitting an all-time high in the 2012 September quarter," he said.

"Too many patients are waiting too long for surgery and the waiting list continues to grow.

"Colin Barnett has prioritised inner-city projects at the expense of the health services people in the suburbs need.

 "WA Labor has the right priorities in health and will invest $45million over three years in delivering better hospitals with shorter waiting lists."

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