Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Health Matters

What Is Happening with Asbestos in Schools

In 1998 Colin Barnett as the then Education Minister Barnett acknowledged the problem of Asbestos in schools and a roof replacement was undertaken in schools.

However what has happened since?

Carles Says Big Parties Ignore Euthanasia

Fremantle MP Adele Carles has accused the big parties of trying to avoid the euthanasia issue.

Carles has said MP ignore voters when the matter comes to euthanasia.

Major 2 Silent on Abortion

Liberal and Labor do not have a policy paper on abortion on their websites for WA's 2013 election.

Hearing Loss -Diagnosis is good but fix the cause!

Kimberley Candidate Chris Maher

Poor nutrition is a root cause of high rates of hearing loss among Aboriginal children in the Kimberley. Not eating well leaves a child run down and vulnerable to virus infections. Frequent colds and runny noses block the Eustachian tube, leading to an infection in the middle ear that, if untreated, causes the ear drum to break.

We could save a lot of health service dollars and have happier, healthier Kimberley children by addressing the root cause of this issue and supported community stores across the region. All Kimberley communities with a school should have a store that provides families with affordable fresh fruit and vegetables. There is evidence of one community reducing the incidence of ear infections significantly through a nutrition program.

Students warn that new medical school could worsen medical training crisis

source AMSA

Students warn that new medical school could worsen medical training crisis

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is deeply concerned about Curtin University’s plan to open a new medical school in Perth, at a time when record numbers of medical graduates are competing for limited intern places.

Silence From Government of Burswood Peninsula Asbestos Claims

The press reports of Asbestos problems at the Burswood Peninsula have seen little or no response by the WA Government.

The Public Health website has no release about the problems, and our call to the Health Ministers office as Joe Public was a 'do not know' and transfer to Health Department and a phone ring around.

Whitfield to Support Nurses

Independent candidate for Rockingham in the upcoming WA State election Matthew Whitfield has said he will be WA Nurses.

Whitfield who is contesting the seat against Labor leader Mark McGowan has said, after attending todays rally in Rockingham by nurses, 'our local nurses who are simply seeking a more equitable deal.'

Kalamunda Aged Care Statement

Greg Ross Statement

I believe the best and most logical site to immediately commence work on a high-end aged care facility for the Electorate of Kalamunda is the Parks and Recreation Reserve in Wilkins Road.

WA Labor unveils Northern Health Initiative

Labor Statement

WA Labor will prioritise the health needs of the North West, Pilbara and Kimberley regions with the creation of the Northern Health Initiative, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the Initiative will invest close to $300million over three years into the health needs of Western Australia's north and deliver better hospitals and improved health services to regional WA.

Why Multi Fraud issues at Peel Health

The fraud squad investigation into Peel Campus whistle blower Ashton Foley is another in saga's that have surrounded the Mandurah Hospital.

WA Police have been quoted as saying they are investigating a complaint by Peel Health over Foley's employment at the hospital.

WA Cancer Council Priorities

The WA Cancer Council has released its wanted priorities for the WA 2013 election.

  • More specially trained cancer doctors, nurses and health professionals. There are simply too few experts to treat the cancers of today and certainly not enough for the future.
  • More money for health and medical research. Western Australia is falling sadly behind other States in Australia due to a lack of investment by the State Government. We want the next State Government to address this shortfall.
  • More action on asbestos. There is too much asbestos in the WA community, we know too little about where it is and there is insufficient action to educate those exposed, to safely remove, transport or dispose of it.

Thousands recruited to campaign to make cancer an election priority

Cancer Council WA Media release  January 23

Cancer Council Western Australia will enlist the support of more than 50,000 West Australians in its push to make cancer a significant issue in the coming State election.

Cancer Council will tomorrow (Jan 24) begin a campaign to encourage the tens of thousands of people on its database to write to or email the leaders of the major parties to let them know that addressing key cancer issues should be a priority for the next government.

Perth Health Given up for Hotel

During 2012 the Burswood Golf Course was carved up for a new sport stadium and a Packer Casino Hotel.

In the hotel deal Packer received land valued at $95m for a discounted price of $60m after meeetings with Premier Barnett and the WA Government.

Adele Promises New Parliamentary Debate On Euthanasia

Adele Carles Statement

Adele  has vowed to introduce legislation into the Legislative Assembly to legalise euthanasia if she is re-elected at the March state election.  She says “the right to die with dignity is central to personal autonomy and bodily integrity – I see it as a fundamental human right.”  

Adele says today’s sad story in The West Australian of MS sufferer Barbara Harrison should send a clear message to all politicians that enough is enough and in a civilised society people deserve to end their lives on their terms.

AMA 5 Top Health Election Issues

The WA Australian Medical Association has released it top 5 issues for the Western Australian 2013 election.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.