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Housing Availability iT Matters

Housing Lobby Puts Case To WA Government On Crisis Problems

A major Western Australian Housing Advocacy group Shelter WA has put a submission to Western Australian government in October identifying the current and future housing shortage as a CRISIS.

It states 'Western Australia is experiencing a housing crisis, with many individuals and families, including people engaged in the workforce, unable to access affordable housing and facing homelessness.'

The resultant problems are well documented and claims will see:

  • increased costs in health care
  • mental health services
  • further strains on crisis housing
  • a rise in domestic and family violence.
  • if there is a failure to address the housing crisis.

They point to a disparity between the WA government 'Affordable Housing Strategy 2010 - 2020: Opening Doors' of 20,000 additional houses and the National Housing Supply Council (2012) estimates of currently a shortage of 38,000 housing opportunities in WA.

They have quoted REIWA statistics of Perth rents have increasing by 18.4% since June 2011, and median house rents at $450 per week at 31 August 2012.
They state a broader strategy to increase the supply of rental housing, both in the private rental market and in the social housing sector is required to meet demand.
There consultations have identified young people and seniors as two of most disadvantaged groups in the private rental market and that the State Government needs to provide additional resources to the Department of Housing for additional housing availability specifically set aside for seniors and young people.
Shelter WA identify almost 50% of the homeless population is children and young people.
The matter puts an onus of the political parties to articulate a clear strategy of their party going forward so West Australian's can understand the challenges and requirements that will be placed on them.
Without such strategy tied into future budgets and forward estimates it is no more than a wish and of very likely not to occur - Sales Puffery.


The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.