Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Infrastructure Matters

Buswell caught lying again: Libs confused on public transport

Labor Statment

Today's revelations that a re-elected Liberal government would scrap plans for a rapid bus transit service to Ellenbrook was more evidence the current government cannot be taken seriously on any of its promises, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

"Colin Barnett's heir apparent Troy Buswell has proven time and time again that he has no integrity. He cannot be trusted to lead Western Australia," Mr Wyatt said.

Liberals’ underground power expansion

Liberal Statement

A re-elected Liberal Government will commit an additional $30million to expand the State Underground Power Program over the next four years, which will deliver significant benefits to private residents and local government authorities.

Energy Minister Peter Collier said the State Underground Power Program has been an incredible success since its introduction in 1996 under the Court-Liberal government, with more than $300million being invested in underground power.

Additional $30m for city bicycle paths

Liberal Statement

A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will spend an additional $30million building bicycle paths within 15 kilometres of the Perth CBD.

Premier Colin Barnett said it was clear that there was ever-increasing demand for convenient and safe cycling routes, and, if re-elected, a Liberal Government would provide these as a priority public transport project.

Barnett sinks Liberal Party's rail plans

Labor Statement

The Liberal Party's planned rail and light rail projects are in tatters, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

After claiming the projects will 'go ahead', Mr Barnett made this frank admission on ABC's '7.30' program last night:

"If the Commonwealth didn't contribute it would take quite some time longer to do that."

Buswell needs to come clean on Federal funding for transport

Greens Statement

The Barnett Government must reveal the details of their Federal funding requests in the wake of Troy Buswell’s admission that the Commonwealth will need to pay for more than half of the Liberals’ transport election promises, the Greens said today.

On February 7th Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam attempted to uncover the details of the State’s light rail funding application to Infrastructure Australia, only to be told they were confidential.

Affordable and achievable: We will build METRONET

Labor Statement

Independent and conservative Treasury costings have supported WA Labor's METRONET rail network and left the Liberal Party's financial credibility in tatters, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said independent Treasury costings confirmed METRONET, WA Labor's integrated, co-ordinated rail system would cost around $4.335billion.

Liberal rail lies an embarrassment

Labor Statement

WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan has called on Colin Barnett to immediately withdraw the Liberal Party's misleading radio advertisement on the METRONET airport link because it contains lies.

WA Labor has written to all radio stations alerting them to the misleading and deceptive ad.

Liberals will start Perth-Darwin Hwy

Liberal Statement

A Liberal Government, if re-elected, would start work during its next term on the Perth-Darwin National Highway(PDNH).

Premier Colin Barnett said this major new road project would remove a significant volume of heavy vehicle through-traffic from the Swan Valley and redirect it to the new highway.

Safety road works for Swan Valley and Bullsbrook needed immediately

Greens Statement

While the State Government continues to dither on the Perth-Darwin Highway, traffic problems along Great Northern Highway in Bullsbrook have created a danger zone, says East Metro Greens MP Alison Xamon.

“Just today I heard from yet another constituent who is concerned about the traffic and planning failures in Bullsbrook,” Ms Xamon said.

Liberals taking Western Australians for a ride

Labor Statement

Colin Barnett's announcement to build the Perth to Darwin Highway simply can't be believed, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the Liberal Party's record of broken promises, combined with its failure to fund this project, meant it was unlikely to get off the ground.

Freo Forum discusses sustainable transport options for election

Social Alliance February 2

Fremantle Town Hall was packed with 250 people on January 31 for a public meeting on sustainable transport organised by the Freo Road to Rail campaign and hosted by the Fremantle City Council. The forum was also supported by the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP), the Bicycle Users Group and the Wheatbelt Rail Retention Alliance.

Public transport has emerged as a major issue in the lead up to the March 9 state election.

Sam Wainwright speaking at sustainable transport forum

Fremantle Town Hall was packed with 250 people on January 31 for a public meeting on sustainable transport organised by the Freo Road to Rail campaign and hosted by the Fremantle City Council. The forum was also supported by the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP), the Bicycle Users Group and the Wheatbelt Rail Retention Alliance.

Metronet: WA Labor announces new stations at Karnup and Atwell

Labor Statement February 23

A McGowan Labor Government will build new rail stations at Atwell and Karnup as part of its $3.8billion METRONET priority program over eight years to tackle Perth's congestion crisis, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said these stations will relieve the pressure on the Mandurah line car parks, in particular Cockburn Central, Warnbro and Mandurah.

Barnett caught out lying on airport plan

Labor Statement

A fresh row has developed over Colin Barnett's lies, with WA Labor writing to all Perth radio stations pointing out that the Liberal Party's advertisements about WA Labor's airport rail plans are misleading, Shadow Transport Minister Ken Travers said today.

"Colin Barnett will say and do anything to get elected. Just like he lied about building the rail line to Ellenbrook, he is happy to lie about WA Labor's superior airport rail proposal," Mr Travers said.

Barnett’s debt solution: Western Power set for market day

Labor Statement

Colin Barnett will sell Western Power if he is re-elected, WA Labor Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said Mr Barnett's extraordinary statement this week that his Government will just keep borrowing money to pay for his election promises was not to be believed.

Key questions about the energy market are left unanswered

Greens Statement

Greens WA spokesperson for Energy, Robin Chapple MLC, today congratulated Labor on working towards a plan to innovate in the WA energy market, however called for clarification on how this would benefit the renewable energy industry.

WA Labor to transform AMC into one of Australia’s biggest technology parks

Labor Statement

A McGowan Labor Government will establish the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) Technology Park, one of the biggest technology parks in Australia, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said WA Labor created the AMC in Henderson, which is the base for Australia's biggest marine industry, and is committed to expanding its capacity and capability.

Don’t sacrifice Perth light rail to politics

Greens Statement

The Greens light rail proposal adapted by the Western Australian Government should not be sacrificed for 'MetroNet', the Greens warned today.

Greens WA state transport spokesperson Lynn MacLaren said scrapping light rail would waste the planning and design work already done and forgo the city-building potential of electric light rail.

Rail for Grain an issue for Cancer & Health

The rail v truck debate for regional grain must also take into consideration health and cancer issues.

Experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) state diesel engine exhaust fumes can cause cancer in humans.

Major traffic chaos results from closing Riverside Drive

source Western Suburbs Alliance

A major inquiry into Elizabeth Quay prepared by three prominent citizens: the Hon Robert Nicholson AO, Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton AO and retired Associate Professor of Architecture David Standen AM, has found that the planning process was deeply flawed, and requires immediate, extensive review.

Costly Bridge Only Adds to Car Woes

Greens Statement January 15

Welcoming the RAC’s recent push for congestion solutions, the Greens pointed to better spending priorities than a costly traffic bridge that would add to car woes.

“This $10b costly bridge will only add to our car woes,” Greens transport spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC said. “Light rail is where we should be putting our transport dollars.

Ferry Service Could be Ready in Two Years

source Janet Woollard

A regular scheduled public ferry service could be up and running within two years at a fraction of the cost of building major new infrastructure to ease Perth’s traffic congestion, the Independent Member for Alfred Cove, Dr Janet Woollard said today.

Greens launch Energy 2029 website

Greens have launched their comprehensive energy plan called Energy 2029 and website.

Greens water policy identifies up to 260GL of water savings

Greens Statement

The Greens have identified ways to potentially save more drinking water through conservation efforts than the combined output of the Kwinana and Binningup desalination plants . 

The Greens Smart With Water Action Plan is based on comprehensive research and shows that simple measures like providing incentives for  greywater plumbing for homes; expanding managed aquifer recharge; increasing the use of  treated waste water by industry; and rolling out more smart meters could save up to 260 billion litres a year by 2029.

Barnett out Of Touch on Housing Problems

Premier Barnett and the WA Government would appear to be out of touch and not on top of the Western Australian Housing situation after comments by a WA Council.

Recently Barnett said he did not accept there was a housing crisis in Perth, and called it growing pains.

Whitfield Acts on Housing Problems

Rockingham Independent candidate Matthew Whitfield has acted on Western Australian housing issues.

Whitfield states, 'the fact we have a lot of people living in caravan parks and their cars or hostels, shows that we do have a problem here'

MAX to transform Perth’s public transport

Liberal Statement

A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will maintain its nation-leading infrastructure program by building the Metro Area Express (MAX), a new light rail system connecting Mirrabooka with the CBD and across to Nedlands and Victoria Park, with commuters able to use the new rail by 2018.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell today announced MAX as a key part of a Liberal Government’s plan to build Perth’s future public transport system.

WA Labor to buy 144 new generation rail cars

Labor Statement

A McGowan Government will invest $590million to buy new rail cars and build a train depot for the METRONET network over eight years, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said WA Labor’s plans would see 210 new rail cars enter the system over the next eight years to relieve Perth’s congestion crisis.

Liberals’ airport rail delivers to front door

Liberal Statement

A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will build a new airport rail link transporting domestic and international passengers to Perth Airport‟s front door.

Premier Colin Barnett said the Perth Airport rail link would be built for Western Australia‟s future, offering public transport to travellers and opening up transport options to residents in the eastern suburbs.

Greens WA say WA Government’s Energy Contracts are the White Elephant in the Room

Greens Statement

The long-promised Muja coal-fired power station refurbishment is still incomplete, and Treasury has now revealed that costs have blown out over $100 million.

The original cost of the project was $150, with costs now standing at over $250 million and still rising and no announcement of a completion date.

The Greens WA have hit out at the Government today about the cost blow-out and the unnecessary investment in fossil fuel generators.

Circle Freeway a welcome consequence of METRONET plan

Labor Statement February 3

A McGowan Government will build a new Circle Freeway to allow uninterrupted travel between Perth's northern, eastern and southern suburbs, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the new freeway commitment would allow commuters to travel from the Kwinana Freeway to Perth Airport, then up Tonkin Highway to Reid Highway and back across to the Mitchell Freeway without a traffic light.

Federal Labor & Liberals keep Western Australians in the dark on light rail

Greens Statement

A move by Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam to have the Federal Government disclose Troy Buswell's attempts to secure federal funding for Perth light rail was defeated by Labor and the Coalition in the Senate today.

Senator Ludlam moved to have the documents made public after Mr Buswell refused to commit to building light rail in Perth and refused to reveal costings.  The Federal Government revealed today that the State Government asked that the details of their application be kept secret.

Barnett Government wavers on MAX light rail

Labor Statement February 5

Treasurer Troy Buswell has wavered on the Barnett Government's commitment to building the MAX light rail, Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said Mr Buswell attempted to give himself some wriggle room today by admitting it would be costed only 'if' it was part of the Liberal Party election package.

METRONET to provide biggest ever boost in car parking

Labor Statement

A WA Labor Government will provide an additional 17,000 parking bays across the rail network over the next eight years as part of its $3.8billion METRONET plan, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said WA Labor will provide close to 5,000 additional car-parking bays across the Perth rail network in its first term of government.

Ross Hits out at DAP Community Effect

Independent candidate Greg Ross has hit out and the DAP process claiming it is disadvantages local communities.

Greens move to end Buswell’s charade on light rail

Greens Statement

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has moved to have the Federal Government disclose Troy Buswell's attempts to secure federal funding for light rail in Perth, after the State Transport Minister refused commit to building the system.

Greens (WA) transport spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC will move a similar motion in State Parliament when it resumes after the March election.

METRONET: WA Labor to build east-west rail connection

Labor Statement February 2

WA Labor will build an east-west rail connection from Thornlie to the Mandurah line, as part of the future South Circle line, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the 11.5 kilometre rail extension would cost an estimated $286million, excluding rail cars. The project will start in 2016-17 and will be completed by the end of 2019.

Nationals plan for Tier 3 only responsible way forward

Nationals Statement

Nationals MP and candidate for Central Wheatbelt, Mia Davies has stated that The Nationals WA was the only Party that had a responsible position on tier 3 rail.

“The Nationals WA released their plan for the future of the rail freight network prior to Christmas in 2012 and we have committed funds to it,” Ms Davies said.

4 Majors Are Missing on Street Lighting

All four Western Australian parties, Greens, Labor, Liberals and Nationals have yet to explain if they will be seeking to improve WA street lighting solutions and efficiency.

There have been a number of reports, studied and submissions on street lighting, however there is little published clarity as to the future and commitments.

Buswell Missed Sustainable Transport

A WA Sustainable Transport Forum held in Fremantle on January 31 in Fremantle was not attended by WA Transport Minister Troy Buswell.

Hosted by the City of Fremantle the meeting had about 250 attendees.


METRONET: North Circle rail line to provide east-west connections in northern suburbs

Labor Statement January 31

WA Labor will build a 12 kilometre North Circle rail line by mid-2019, connecting the Joondalup line and the proposed Ellenbrook lines, to deliver the rail services needed in Perth's northern suburbs, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said construction on the $616million project would begin in 2013-14. The line would service stations at Perth Central, Claisebrook, Maylands, Bayswater and Stirling, plus four new stations at Alexander Drive (Malaga), Mirrabooka Avenue (Mirrabooka), Wanneroo Road (Hamersley) and Balcatta, as well as two new stations to be built as part of the proposed Ellenbrook line at Walter Road (Morley) and Noranda.

Every WA school zone to light up for safety

Liberal Announcement

Liberal-led Government, if re-elected, will install electronic flashing speed signs at every 40kmh school zone across the State to improve the safety of Western Australian children.

METRONET: WA Labor will build the Ellenbrook rail line by end of 2018

Labor Statement

A WA Labor Government will build a rail line to Ellenbrook, via Morley, by the end of 2018, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the 21 kilometre Ellenbrook line would cost $863.5million, excluding rail cars, and construction was expected to start during 2014-15.

Elizabeth Quay A Backgrounder

The Elizabeth Quay project has been ongoing for many years and had many twist and turns.

Dr Linley Sutton, Urban Planner, discusses the project beginnings, his opinions and experience.

Ross Continues Criticism of Tunnel Widening

Widening of the Tunnel to 3 lanes has been a project highlighted with deficiencies and safety issues by Greg Ross Independent candidate for Kalamunda.

In recent days the Victoria Coroner has been quotes as saying by ABC that 'She recommended further consideration be given to banning lane changes in any new tunnels, along with designs that incorporate emergency lanes and help regulate speed and maintain safety.'

Hipkins Says Crisis Accommodation Required

Independent Nedlands candidate and Town Planner Max Hipkins has stated more Crisis Accommodation is required.

Grylls delays safe water for Jigalong

Labor Statement

Regional Development Minister Brendan Grylls has sat on the money allocated to ensure the Jigalong community has safe and reliable water and electricity, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs Ben Wyatt said today.

Mr Wyatt said Mr Grylls issued a media statement on December 19, 2012 claiming he had provided funding to access quality drinking water and a new power station at Jigalong.

"This is a breathtaking display of both negligence and hypocrisy," Mr Wyatt said.

Free public transport for family carers

Liberal Statement

From May 1, 2013, a Liberal Government if re-elected would provide free travel on any Transperth bus, train or ferry during off-peak periods for more than 8,500 West Australians who care for a family member or friend with mental illness, disability or a frail senior.

WALGA Supports Grain Rail

The WA Local Government Association has supported moves to keep Grain Rail, or what is also called Tier 3, open in Western Australian regional areas.

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Supports Rail Investment

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia in 2012 endorsed investment in rail in Australia.

The release of the Federal Government’s National Land Freight Strategy at their conference in September 2012 was a catalyst to endorse rail.

Property Council Support Local Govt Changes

WA Property Council is in support of changes to Local Government boundaries and Development Assessment Panels.

Trains sit idle as passengers feel the squeeze

Labor Lisa Baker 15 January

As Western Australians face the daily squeeze on Perth’s overcrowded trains, the Barnett Government has allowed two rail cars to sit empty during peak commuter times, Maylands MLA Lisa Baker and Mt Lawley Labor candidate Bob Kucera said today.

Ms Baker said one of the unused trains has been sitting idle in a shed awaiting repairs for over twelve months since an incident in October 2011 and there is no fixed date on when it will return to service.

City Gatekeepers Highlight 3 Lane Tunnel Dangers

The City Gatekeepers have highlighted potential problems and dangers of the WA Governments plans to make Northbridge Tunnel a three lane road.

METRONET: Bikes under WA Labor

Labor Statement 19 January

A McGowan Labor Government will make every new METRONET train station a Cyclist First train station as part of the solution to Perth's traffic congestion crisis, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said investment in cycling was one important part of the solution to the traffic congestion crisis confronting Perth.

Hipkins Calls for Grain Rail Back to Public Ownership

Independent Max Hipkins has called for Tier 3 rail to be returned to pubic ownership.

Hipkins Says Is Better Alternative than EQuay

via Max Hipkins Independent Candidate for Nedlands
The development currently proposed for Elizabeth Quay at the Perth Foreshore is poorly located and badly designed.
Excavation of The Esplanade will result in loss of heritage-listed parkland, elimination of the venue for Anzac Day parades and other important events, and death of many surrounding mature trees by introduction of a salt water wedge, if not removed for construction. The inlet to be created is exposed to prevailing south-westerly winds, is not conducive to river flushing and would require on-going
maintenance. Surrounding multi-storey buildings would off-set inlet construction costs but would overshadow tourist venues and make the area inhospitable in winter.

Coalfields Highway to get funding boost under WA Labor

Labor Statement

WA Labor will invest $18million to improve safety on the Coalfields Highway if it wins the March 9 State election, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

WA Labor to keep grain on rail and trucks off roads

Labor Statement

WA Labor will allocate $30million over the next three years to keep Tier 3 grain rail lines open and trucks off our roads, WA Labor Mark McGowan said today.

WA Labor to equip METRONET with free Wi-Fi to help tackle congestion crisis

Labor Statement

A McGowan Government will commit $1million towards installing free Wi-Fi on Perth trains in preparation for METRONET, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

City of Stirling Pressure WA Government

The City of Stirling have put pressure on the WA State Government over Scarborough Beach facilities, threatening possible parking fees.

120 new car bays at Currambine Train Station

Liberal Statement

The Liberal-led State Government has proudly delivered early on its four-year, $50 million election commitment to build an additional 3,000 car bays at railway stations along the Joondalup and Mandurah lines.

Nahan Continues to Advocate for Roe 8

Riverton Liberal Mike Nahan has continued his advocacy for the Roe 8 extension.

Major works to improve Perth’s road network

Liberal Statement

Transport Minister Troy Buswell today announced that Main Roads WA was about to undertake a series of road improvement works on sections of Perth’s freeway system to increase vehicle capacity and improve safety.

Government Strips Planning Decision From Locals (Pt 2)

In Part 2 of the WA Government stripping planning laws for local Councils Subiaco Mayor Henderson articulates her shock at treatment received from the Western Australian Government, and criticises the undemocratic approach.

Greens Want R4R Money Spent on Housing not Mining Coys

Greens Statement

All WA’s political parties support Royalties for Regions (RFR). The Greens have been saying for years that a fair proportion of the royalties earned in the regions should be spent locally.

WA Labor to review bus services in northern suburbs and extend Mitchell Freeway

Labor Statement January 8

A McGowan Government will undertake a review of bus feeder services in Perth's northern suburbs to help reduce traffic congestion and increase the use of public transport, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Grain freight network a priority for The Nationals WA

Nationals Statement December 17

The Nationals WA have released their plan to support the retention of a competitive and safe grain freight network in regional Western Australia.

Governments Strips Planning Decision from Local Communities

The WA Government taken away the rights of Local Council and and Local communities to determine the type of buildings and structures they wish in their community.

This has been done with changes to planning laws and the imposition of DAP (Development Assessment Panels) and the MRD (Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority).

As a consequence of the the Western Suburbs Alliance was born.

A Review of Southern Trains - Success or Fail

Professor Peter Newman from Curtin University talks about the Southern railway in Perth and the outcomes.

Short Term Rail Fix Unlikely to Stop the Trucks

Labor candidate Ian Radisich vowed to keep Grain Rail going in October 2012

WA Farmers On Grain Rail in 2012

WA Farmers statement on Grain Rail in October 2012 and there lobbying to have stay operational.

Auditor General's report backs up WA Farmers' concerns

WA Farmers Media Release

A report tabled in State Parliament today by the Auditor General, Colin Murphy, has backed up the concerns of the Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers), in relation to Tier 3 rail lines.

Ludlam Push For Perth Trams Since 2007

Scott Ludlam the Greens Senator for Western Australia has been an advocate for Trams (light rail) in Perth since 2007.


Liberals Trams - An Election Loser

2010 interview with Professor Peter Newman on need for Perth tram (light rail) system.


Western Power Underground Power Scheme in a Hole

The WA State Government Underground Power Program has hit a hole.

Synergy Penalty Fees Targeted At Least Wealthy

Struggling households unable to pay electricy accounts are the prime target of Synergy with its penalty fees.

Liberal Tram Release Statement - A Revisit

The West Australian Government made the announcment on Light Rail (Tram) services in September.

We revisit what Premier Colin Barnett and Transport Minister Troy Buswell said at the launch of Metro Area Express or MAX.

Review of Park Living

Greens Statement Dec 17

Lynn recently provided a submission to the Statutory Review of the Residential Parks (Long-stay Tenants) Act 2006.

The feedback from tenants in long-stay park underlines the acute urgency to deal with the housing gap in Western Australia. It is also imperative to address the problems that an increasing number of seniors are having with housing affordability.

Green Vision for Growth along Scarborough Beach Road

Greens Statement Dec 18

Today The Greens outlined a green transformation for Scarborough Beach Road including an the extension of light rail to connect Scarborough Beach with transport hubs at Stirling and Glendalough.

National Party can't be trusted on grain rail

Labor Statement

The National Party's 'position statement' on Western Australia's grain rail network is completely worthless unless their Liberal Party partners commit to keeping the Wheatbelt rail lines open, Shadow Transport Minster Ken Travers said today.

Funds committed for Peel water re-use study

Liberal Statement

The State Government today announced funding of up to $500,000 from Royalties for Regions for the Water Corporation to undertake a feasibility study into the development of a commercially viable, recycled water supply in the Peel Region.

Policy announcement on seniors an exercise in procrastination

Labor Statement

The long awaited planning blueprint for Western Australian seniors poses questions and identifies problems but fails to detail how these issues will be adequately addressed, Shadow Minister for Seniors Margaret Quirk said today.

Funds committed for Peel water re-use study

Ministerial Statement

The State Government today announced funding of up to $500,000 from Royalties for Regions for the Water Corporation to undertake a feasibility study into the development of a commercially viable, recycled water supply in the Peel Region.

Housing Lobby Puts Case To WA Government On Crisis Problems

A major Western Australian Housing Advocacy group Shelter WA has put a submission to Western Australian government in October identifying the current and future housing shortage as a CRISIS.

It states 'Western Australia is experiencing a housing crisis, with many individuals and families, including people engaged in the workforce, unable to access affordable housing and facing homelessness.'

SMRC shutdown will cost jobs

Ministerial Statement

A Labor plan announced today by Opposition Leader Mark McGowan to shut down the waste composting facility at the Regional Waste Recovery Centre (RRRC) in Canning Vale is irresponsible and reckless, Environment Minister Bill Marmion said.

"Under this rash plan, 40 people would lose their jobs and more than 85,000 tonnes of waste would be sent to landfill," Mr Marmion said.

New Perth stadium transport plan unveiled

Ministers Statement

The final piece of the new Perth stadium jigsaw fell into place today when the State Government unveiled details of the Transport Project Definition Plan (PDP).

Premier and State Development Minister Colin Barnett and Transport Minister Troy Buswell announced a $298million bus-train-road-pedestrian plan from which an estimated 50,000 people would be transported from the stadium precinct by public transport networks within an hour of the completion of an event.

Labor Release Metro Train Transport Policy

The Labor party have released their Metropiltan train policy today, called METRONET.

The plan promises to build an additional 75km on rail network, this is contrast to the 78km they say built in last terms of office.

Barnett's nasty Christmas surprise higher water prices

Labor Statement

Like the Grinch that stole Christmas, Premier Colin Barnett will deliver a nasty present to Western Australian households, with a 12 per cent increase in water prices from January 1, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Lots for sale at Karratha’s Madigan Estate

Ministerial Statement

LandCorp will today release by private treaty 60 new residential lots at its highly anticipated Madigan Estate in Karratha.

Another round of 44 lots of Stage 1A will be released upon further demand.

Protection plan for new Pilbara water source

Ministerial Statement

The West Pilbara’s newest water source would receive protection from water quality risks under a plan released today by Water Minister Bill Marmion.

Bill reforms to make managing water accounts easier

Ministerial Statement

The Liberal-National Government today announced a suite of billing reforms to make it easier for customers to manage water bills, including two-monthly billing and a self-service customer website (My Water).

 Water Minister Bill Marmion said the new bills would combine service and water use charges, which are currently charged separately.

Faster processing of Pilbara land release

Ministerial Release

Due to the critical issue of land release in the Pilbara, $540,000 of State Government Royalties for Regions funding has been allocated through the Pilbara Cities Economic Diversification Framework to support faster processing of land.

Summer trial of late night ferries

Ministerial Statement

The operating hours of Transperth’s South Perth ferry service are being extended.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell said today that, in response to requests from the South Perth community as well as approaches from South Perth MLA John McGrath, late night services would be trialled during summer.

New Perth Stadium procurement progresses

Premierr Statement

Premier Colin Barnett and Treasurer Troy Buswell today announced the State Government had invited expressions of interest for the new Perth Stadium, using a Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM) procurement model.

Location of new homeless shelter revealed

Ministerial Statement

Work is set to start on a new Beaufort Street homeless shelter, which will provide nightly safe accommodation for up to 10 men.

Revealing the location of the new shelter, Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney said Tom Fisher House would provide secure crisis accommodation to people who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets.

Greenough River Bridge to be replaced

Ministerial Statement

Transport Minister Troy Buswell today announced that the State Government would invest $18million to replace the ageing Greenough River Bridge in Western Australia’s Mid-West.

Mr Buswell said construction would begin late next year and was expected to be completed by mid-2014.

State Govt’s $500m Northern Suburbs roads package

Ministerial Release

Premier Colin Barnett and Transport Minister Troy Buswell today announced a $499.1million State Government upgrade of critical road transport infrastructure in Perth’s northern suburbs.

The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.