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Infrastructure Matters

METRONET: Bikes under WA Labor

Labor Statement 19 January

A McGowan Labor Government will make every new METRONET train station a Cyclist First train station as part of the solution to Perth's traffic congestion crisis, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said investment in cycling was one important part of the solution to the traffic congestion crisis confronting Perth.

"WA Labor has a plan to fix Perth's congestion crisis before it gets any worse," Mr McGowan said.

"Under our Cyclist First plan, every new METRONET station will be designed and laid out to encourage cycling.

"METRONET stations will have a large Lock N Ride bike shelter which will be monitored by CCTV cameras, and we will examine the option of installing personal lockers to store personal effects.

"We will ensure these shelters will be large enough to meet demand at each station.

"Cyclists will also be able to register for a second bike locker so they can have another bike at the end of their journey to continue their ride to work.

"WA Labor has already announced part of its plan to fix the congestion crisis by building METRONET, a world-class public transport system which will provide people with a real alternative to using their private motor vehicle."

Mr McGowan said a WA Labor Government would also work closely with local governments in developing local cycle networks to provide safe on and off road cycle routes to new METRONET stations.

"In congested areas around train stations, good cycle routes can result in trips on bikes being quicker than driving a car to the station," he said.

"Our plan to build METRONET stations with a Cyclist First approach will make it easier for more people from more suburbs to cycle to rail stations.

"Importantly, it will also reduce the pressure on car parking at train stations.

"We will also look at opportunities to build priority cycle paths (PSP) as part of construction of METRONET.

"WA Labor will establish a Cycling Reference Group, which will be actively involved helping to design the stations from the beginning."

Mr McGowan said WA Labor supported the general direction of the Draft Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2012-2021 and would continue to progress its development if elected.

"Western Australia is the nation's fastest-growing State, yet the number of vehicle registrations is growing faster than our booming population," he said.

"This year, there will be more than two million registered cars, trucks and motorcycles on our roads, which are growing more congested by the day.

"Recent figures from the Department of Transport revealed there was an additional 143,739 cars were licensed in WA in 2012 alone.

"The Liberal-National Government had its chance to fix Perth's traffic congestion crisis and failed.

"The Liberal-National Government prioritised inner-city projects at the expense of the transport services people in the suburbs need.

"Only the election of a McGowan Labor Government will ensure the traffic congestion crisis facing Perth is addressed."

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