Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Infrastructure Matters

Barnett caught out lying on airport plan

Labor Statement

A fresh row has developed over Colin Barnett's lies, with WA Labor writing to all Perth radio stations pointing out that the Liberal Party's advertisements about WA Labor's airport rail plans are misleading, Shadow Transport Minister Ken Travers said today.

"Colin Barnett will say and do anything to get elected. Just like he lied about building the rail line to Ellenbrook, he is happy to lie about WA Labor's superior airport rail proposal," Mr Travers said.

"The Liberal Party is so desperate to hide its failure on public transport over the past four and-a-half years that it has resorted to making up false claims about WA Labor's plans."

Mr Travers said only a WA Labor Government will build a railway station at the new domestic terminal.

"The Liberal Party plans to build a railway station at Perth Airport Domestic terminal despite the fact that it is closing," he said.

"It is no wonder that State debt is out of control if the Liberals are spending a billion for a terminal that is closing.

"Based on current growth rates, passenger movements at Perth Airport could double over the next 10 years. That's why we need to build a railway line for the future, not for the past."

Mr Travers said the Barnett Government must also explain how it will build a 1000 bay car park on Perth Airport land.

"Do they have an agreement to access land for a carpark? How much will it cost to park at this car park?" he said.

"Only WA Labor has a rail plan for the future of Perth Airport. The Liberal Party is planning for the past and can't be trusted to deliver on any rail promise.

"When Mr Barnett promises to build rail, it's like waiting for luggage at an airport carousel that got lost somewhere and never arrives."

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