Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Infrastructure Matters

Safety road works for Swan Valley and Bullsbrook needed immediately

Greens Statement

While the State Government continues to dither on the Perth-Darwin Highway, traffic problems along Great Northern Highway in Bullsbrook have created a danger zone, says East Metro Greens MP Alison Xamon.

“Just today I heard from yet another constituent who is concerned about the traffic and planning failures in Bullsbrook,” Ms Xamon said.

“The heavy traffic through the centre of the village is causing a dangerous problem for residents.

“Even popping down to the shops for some milk can be an alarming experience.

“Constituents have told me stories of being stranded in the middle of Great Northern Highway for up to ten minutes waiting for a break in traffic, while large trucks zoom by in both directions.”

Ms Xamon said the failure of successive governments to act had allowed the area to become an accident waiting to happen.

Planning decisions, such as the recent rezoning of land south of Bullsbrook to industrial use, were also worsening the traffic situation.

“I hope it doesn’t have to take a tragedy before the necessary money is spent to improve this dangerous zone,” Ms Xamon said.

“Without a doubt, additional measures to at least make it possible for Bullsbrook residents to safely cross the highway need to be undertaken right now.

“Even with the best intentions the Perth to Darwin Highway is still many years away. 

“The residents of Bullsbrook and Upper Swan need help now, not in several years’ time.”

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