Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Announcements by Janet Woollard

Ferry Service Could be Ready in Two Years

source Janet Woollard

A regular scheduled public ferry service could be up and running within two years at a fraction of the cost of building major new infrastructure to ease Perth’s traffic congestion, the Independent Member for Alfred Cove, Dr Janet Woollard said today.
“Six purpose built catamaran ferries, 12 floating jetties and co-ordination of existing public transport options to feed the ferry terminals could be provided for about $30 million dollars,” Dr Woollard said.
“The new government needs to begin planning as soon as possible after the election to get this project on line,” she said.
“We could have ferries servicing the Perth CBD and UWA from Attadale and Applecross, as well as the high-density-living suburbs north of the CBD – East Perth, Burswood, Maylands and Ascot – within two years.
“Just think how much traffic, potentially, that would take off major city arteries, road and rail,” she said.
“Journey times would be shorter, too.”
Dr Woollard said she’d been advised that a trip from:
  • Applecross to UWA would take about 10 minutes; 
  • UWA to Barrack street in the city, about 10 minutes; and
  • Applecross to Barrack street, about 20 minutes
In peak periods, two ferries could service the route every 20 minutes, outside peak times, one ferry could operate every 40 minutes.
Dr Woollard said the new government should immediately commission a feasibility study to identify the best sites for ferry jetties, and the routes that would make the most impact on road traffic flows by getting people out of their cars and onto the water.
Dr Woollard said she was told of a study that indicated there could be an extra 400,000 cars on Perth roads by 2020.
“Everyone agrees that something has to be done to ease Perth’s traffic problems,” Dr Woollard said.
“It is time to start thinking outside the box and examining the solution offered by the Swan River,” she said.
“Richard Court’s Liberal government did a study in 1999 which found cost recovery for a ferry service (32%) was better than rail (30%) and bus (27%), so even with government subsidy, taxpayers could be better off too.”


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