Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Justice Matters

Building a better CCTV network

Liberal Statement

Premier Colin Barnett said a Liberal Government, if re-elected, will fund additional CCTV cameras and introduce a coordinated State CCTV network, which will assist in targeting problem areas, and ensure more effective police tasking.
“By funding additional CCTV cameras in crime hotspots and integrating the State CCTV network, the Liberal Government will provide a coordinated approach to CCTV use by police, local government and businesses,” he said.
“An important focus will be on areas with high pedestrian traffic and crime hot spots, particularly those outside train stations and bus depots, where people can feel particularly vulnerable.
“It is as people leave train and bus stations and walk to their cars, homes, or businesses that they can feel unsafe – people are entitled to feel safe as they travel to and from their homes and this continues the Liberals’ commitment to community protection.”
Mr Barnett said $5million will be provided over four years towards an ongoing Crime Prevention Infrastructure Fund, with a focus on capital grants for CCTV infrastructure, and grants in high crime areas for the purchase and installation of new cameras.
“This funding will be on top of existing crime prevention funds currently available to local governments and the community,” he said.
“We will also provide $8.5million to enhance the existing police facility at Maylands to access live feeds from compatible CCTV systems and resource a dedicated police CCTV project team which will lead to better response times for police.
Police Minister Liza Harvey said a Liberal Government will work with local government, businesses and the community to develop and implement a new State CCTV Strategic Plan.
“This plan will include better information sharing between police and CCTV camera owners to provide WA Police with a bigger network of cameras they can access,” she said.
“Access to live information such as exactly where an incident is occurring, who is involved, and how many people are present can allow real-time response and assist police when they are responding to an incident.
“The strategic placement of CCTV cameras in problem areas will not only assist police in their response to crimes, it will also reassure the community by acting as a deterrent to crime in those areas.”

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