Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Justice Matters

WA Labor reinforces commitment to protecting victims of domestic violence

Labor Statement

WA Labor welcomes today's commitment by the Liberal's for two new refuges for women and children escaping domestic violence, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said domestic violence was a horrendous crime which had devastating, lifelong effects for victims and their families.

"That's why a McGowan Labor Government will make it a priority to protect victims of family and domestic violence through practical measures which protect the rights of victims and send a strong message to violent offenders," Mr McGowan said.

WA Labor will: 

  • Introduce a $4.5million trial program to electronically monitor people who breach Violence Restraining Orders (VROs) to protect the victims of family and domestic violence;
  • Establish legal protection of the accommodation and housing rights, and status of family and domestic violence victims;
  • Provide near-automatic VROs for victims of family and domestic violence offences; and
  • Mandate the provision of minimum information (criminal record of both parties, police order history of both parties, restraining order history of both parties) in relation to VROs and bail applications in family and domestic violence offences.

"These brutal crimes are unacceptable and should receive sentences which reflect their seriousness," he said.

"WA Labor introduced a Private Members Bill, known as Saori's Law, to the Western Australian Parliament last year, seeking bipartisan support for an important crime prevention and community safety issue.

"The Barnett Government voted down the Bill and refused to introduce important legal reforms which would reflect the seriousness of these violent crimes.

"A McGowan Labor Government will ensure the passage of Saori's Law, so domestic violence offenders receive sentences which reflect the seriousness of their offences.

"Only the election of a McGowan Labor Government will ensure this important issue is addressed."

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