Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Justice Matters

Liberals’ night court promise will come up short

Labor Statement

The Liberal Party's plan to have magistrates sit seven days a week and at night is yet another admission of the Barnett Government's failure to get crime under control, Shadow Attorney General John Quigley said today.

Mr Quigley said Colin Barnett's failure to honour his election promise to employ an additional 500 police officers has seen crime steadily increase across WA over the past four and-a-half years.

"It's little wonder the Liberal Party is now scrambling to find ways to process the ever-increasing stream of offenders moving through the justice system," Mr Quigley said today.

"Western Australians know the best way to combat crime is to have police on the beat. After breaking its promise to deliver 500 extra police, the Liberal Party simply can't be trusted on any law and order commitments."

Mr Quigley said today's announcement failed to outline how the Liberal Party would fund the additional financial commitment.

"It's highly unlikely that $900,000 per year will be enough to deliver this commitment," he said.

"Extending the courts' hours requires additional full building security, extra court security staff, extra police prosecutors, extra court transcribers and extra magistrates.

"In the past, it has been extremely difficult to secure these additional staff outside of traditional court hours. The Liberal Party's promise is half-baked and it appears to be trying to play a trick on the Western Australian community.

"Colin Barnett must come out and explain how he will fund this promise.

"Only a McGowan Government will make the tough decisions to ensure much needed investments in better health, education and community safety services are affordable."

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