Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Announcements by Kevin Morgan

Gambling, Sports and Colin Barnett’s Hypocrisy

Kevin Morgan Independent Candidate for Cottesloe

Colin Barnett lamenting that our kids are being “deluged with enticement about gambling”, while proposing to build a new sports stadium next to the Casino, is a breathtaking show of hypocrisy.

How can he complain gambling advertising is ruining our kids (as it is) without realising it’s just as harmful to make them walk past Crown’s flashing gaming halls whenever they go to see big sports stars playing at big sports events?

The gift to Crown of extra gaming tables and $35 million worth of land ought to have been offered to a market competitor, to improve service and rates of return for our gambling community.

It’s our problem gamblers and their families who will subsidise Crown’s expensive new hotel and eventually we will ALL pay the price of them doing so.

The Barnett Government’s decision to privatising the new sports stadium’s equity will also lead to ticket prices eventually becoming hugely expensive, likely beyond the reach of nearly all but the elite. This whole deal sounds like it was hashed together in secret back-room meetings with little transparency and no market competition. It really is WA Inc revisited for Barnett to suggest these secret dealings are commercial and in confidence. Barnett must reveal exactly what occurred and how the process was in the best interest of the West Australian people.

I challenge Mr Barnett to prove he and the Liberal Party receive no benefit or funding from Packer, et al. He can start by disclosing how much he pays Crown to host his “Leaders Forums”, where for $25,000 you can buy his “ear” or that of his ministers, even though nobody’s likely to do so unless they get similar value if not more in return.

This systemisation of donor lobbying when combined with his confiscation and obfuscation of planning controls over our cities, suburbs and towns, means that Mr Barnett has introduced institutionalised corruption into Western Australia.

Unless he’s stopped at the ballot box he’ll ruin WA and its Liberal Party just as NSW Labor ruined itself and NSW. Find out more about the (slightly less corruption-friendly) NSW scheme by watching Dennis Grosvenor’s State of Siege documentary on West TV (channel 44) at 9pm, Saturday the 16th of February, 2013.

As pointed out in that program by Dick Smith, at a cost of $5 a taxpayer we could have publicly funded election campaigns focused on genuine information rather than glitzy spin. If we must have political donations, then as was said by NSW (Liberal) Premier Barry O’Farrell, these should only come from registered voters and each of whom should be subject to the same upper limit


The #wa2013vote website will be kept online so politicians promises and statements can be checked until the end of next WA election in 2017, and after.