Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Announcements by Kevin Morgan

Barnett’s mandatory sentencing will not work

Kevin Morgan - Cottesloe Candidate

Colin Barnett’s mandatory sentencing policy will not reduce instances of violent crime associated with home invasions, and challenges Barnett to release any evidence upon which this policy decision is based.

Kevin agrees with assertions made in PerthNow yesterday (7/2/2013) by Australian Lawyers Alliance WA president Tom Percy that harsher penalties will not work, and could lead to increasingly extreme cases of violence as perpetrators “won’t want there to be any witnesses – no survivors”.

Instead, Kevin suggests a more appropriate policy for reducing instances of home invasion and violent crime across the board is to hire additional police. “These are out-dated, failed policies of the past. They are evidence that the Barnett Government’s thinking is stuck in the 20th century.”

“Studies show that what works to prevent crime is increasing the perception of the risk of getting caught, which will only be changed by increasing the number of police”

“Simply put, if Barnett was serious about saving pensioners and families from the horror of violent home invasions, he would be hiring more police” said Kevin.

“Instead Barnett’s Government forced Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan to cut $31million from an already under-funded police budget last year, leading to the axing of 104 positions within the WA police.”

“The most effective way the State Government can reduce violent crime in West Australian is by having a more visible police presence.”

“Perhaps Colin could start to achieve this by replacing some of his 400 spin-doctors with police officers for the streets” he added.

“We need genuine solutions not spin-driven window dressing”.


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