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Labor News

WA Labor will progress Ocean Reef Marina

Labor Statement February 20

WA Labor is committed to progressing the Ocean Reef Marina and will allocate $1million in funding to the City of Joondalup to progress the project says Labor Candidate for Ocean Reef, Philippa Taylor

"Discussions about the Ocean Reef Marina have gone on far too long. Real steps need to be taken now to progress this important and much needed project in the northern suburbs," said Ms Taylor.

"WA Labor is frustrated at the slow progress of this project, since the Gallop Labor Government committed $700,000 towards a feasibility study for the Marina in 2005," said Joondalup MLA Tony O'Gorman.

"The Concept Plan for the $800 million Marina had wide community support. It will have many benefits for residents in the northern suburbs, including creating hundreds of jobs and enhancing recreational and leisure facilities for local residents," he added.

Mr O'Gorman said the money would match a similar contribution from the City of Joondalup and allow a formal Structure Plan for the Marina to be developed.

"A McGowan Labor Government is keen to assist the City of Joondalup to progress this project. If the City does not believe it has the capacity to complete this project, we will be happy to have discussions with them about alternative methods to progress the Marina in a timely manner," he said.

"Mr Barnett has failed to ensure this project is a priority for his Government. His Government has focused on spending hundreds of millions of dollars on projects in the CBD whilst ignoring important projects in the suburbs."

"Only a McGowan Government will ensure that projects in the suburbs like the Ocean Reef Marina get the priority they deserve," said Mr O'Gorman.

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