Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Labor News

Liberal rail lies an embarrassment

Labor Statement

WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan has called on Colin Barnett to immediately withdraw the Liberal Party's misleading radio advertisement on the METRONET airport link because it contains lies.

WA Labor has written to all radio stations alerting them to the misleading and deceptive ad.

Mr McGowan said Colin Barnett and the Liberals say there will be no METRONET station at the Airport.

"This claim is simply not true," Mr McGowan said.

"My Government will build a station at the new integrated Perth Airport, with the domestic terminal joined to the international terminal.

"I'm surprised Mr Barnett is not aware of the plan. He must still think that the current domestic terminal will be operating forever when it is actually due to be closed in 2020.

"The simple fact is that I will build a rail line to the new integrated terminal as part of METRONET. The Liberal Party is proposing to build a rail line to the new integrated terminal.

"The big difference is we build railways, they don't."

"And our Airport line is an important part of METRONET, our integrated plan for public transport in Perth.

"Colin Barnett has no credibility when it comes to building rail. Western Australians haven't forgotten his broken promise to build a railway to Ellenbrook.

"He broke his promise to the people of Ellenbrook and he will break his promise to build a rail line to Perth Airport."

"Mr Barnett and the Liberal Party have deliberately tried to mislead Western Australians and these advertisements are further proof of the depths they will plunge to get elected."

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