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Barnett sinks Liberal Party's rail plans

Labor Statement

The Liberal Party's planned rail and light rail projects are in tatters, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

After claiming the projects will 'go ahead', Mr Barnett made this frank admission on ABC's '7.30' program last night:

"If the Commonwealth didn't contribute it would take quite some time longer to do that."

"Mr Barnett is to these projects what the iceberg was to the Titanic," Mr McGowan said.

Mr Barnett's confession follows admissions by Troy Buswell yesterday where he admitted:

"I would be looking to the Commonwealth to fund at least half of those projects."

Mr McGowan said the Government rushed forward its so called plans for a rail network in response to WA Labor's METRONET.

"Their project was originally slated for 2031. They panicked and now we are seeing what a flawed project it is," he said.

Neither Mr Buswell nor Mr Barnett have even spoken to the Federal Government or the Federal Opposition.

Maybe that's because Mr Abbott once said:

"Transport infrastructure is a State responsibility. The Commonwealth Government should no more have to fund (it) than the State Government should have to buy new tanks for the Army".

"The whole thing is a sham," Mr McGowan said.

"This is Colin Barnett's ghost train. It does not exist and will never exist."

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