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Affordable and achievable: We will build METRONET

Labor Statement

Independent and conservative Treasury costings have supported WA Labor's METRONET rail network and left the Liberal Party's financial credibility in tatters, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said independent Treasury costings confirmed METRONET, WA Labor's integrated, co-ordinated rail system would cost around $4.335billion.

"Treasury has today confirmed what WA Labor knew all along - METRONET is achievable and affordable and will be built under a WA Labor Government," Mr McGowan said.

"After weeks of a deceptive and misleading scare campaign by the Liberal Party, including Mr Barnett and Mr Buswell, independent Treasury costings have supported WA Labor's bold plan.

"If Mr Barnett and Mr Buswell have any decency they must apologise to the WA public for falsely claiming Labor's METRONET would cost $6.4billion and running a deceitful scare campaign.

"The Liberal Party has run a campaign claiming Treasury had verified the $6.4billion figure. This was clearly a lie.

"WA Labor was prepared to put its reputation on the line over METRONET and today's finding gives Western Australians a clear choice ahead of next Saturday's State election.

"A vote for WA Labor is a vote for an affordable, world class rail network. A vote for the Liberal Party is a vote for Troy Buswell and Colin Barnett, whose financial reputations are now in tatters.

"METRONET is a comprehensive and integrated public transport plan for the 21st century. Colin Barnett has no plan.

"WA Labor has made the tough decisions to ensure METRONET is fully funded and fully affordable.

"There will always be naysayers like Mr Buswell and Mr Barnett who say it can't be done.

"METRONET can be built and it will be built under a McGowan Government."

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