Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Leisure Matters

Funding to support sport and recreation clubs

Ministerial Statement

Sport and recreation clubs across Western Australia will continue to receive State Government support with the announcement of $470,000 to extend the Club Development Officer Scheme.

Sport and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron said the Club Development Officer (CDO) Scheme was a partnership between the Department of Sport and Recreation and local governments across Western Australia.

“Since being started in 2006, the CDO Scheme has achieved huge success in providing support to sport and recreation clubs at a community level,” Mr Waldron said.

The primary role of a club development officer was to build the capacity of community-based sport and recreation clubs through education, information, resources and training programs to club administrators in a wide range of management and governance areas.

“This partnership with local government in Western Australia is vital to the on-going health of our sporting community,” the Minister said.

“Through the CDO Scheme, the officers play an important role in working with the thousands of volunteers of all ages who run clubs and, in turn, support the thousands more participating in sport.

“Strong sport and recreation clubs are crucial to encouraging participation and sporting achievement and these clubs unite people and communities.

“The success of the department’s Sport4All program, which includes the highly successful KidSport initiative, is dependent on having an effective network of CDOs to provide on-ground support to the volunteers who run clubs.”

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