Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Liberal News

Hoons face even tougher penalties

Liberal Statement February 17

Any hoon caught terrorising suburban streets will face immediate, permanent confiscation of their vehicle if a Liberal Government is re-elected on March 9.

Premier Colin Barnett said the suite of new measures will focus on targeting hoon behaviour in suburban areas.

“Any hoon offence that occurs in suburban streets or school zones will result in confiscation on a second strike - rather than a third strike - as is currently the case,” Mr Barnett said.

“Further, in cases where the hoon offence damages the road or other property, causes alarm or distress to residents, or occurs in a school zone, courts will be able to immediately and permanently confiscate the vehicle on a first offence.

“Laws will be beefed up to ensure unlicensed trail bikes – which have no place on a road, dangerous and an incredible nuisance – can be immediately and permanently confiscated when driven on the roads.”

Police Minister Liza Harvey said police had received more than 7,200 complaints about anti-social behaviour on our roads last year.

“That’s more than 138 complaints to police every week, and those complaints are particularly prevalent in the outer suburbs of Perth between 4pm and 7pm when families are preparing for or sitting down to dinner,” Mrs Harvey said.

“In recent years, an emerging problem in these areas has related to hoon behaviour by riders of unlicensed trail bikes. People are sick and tired of this behaviour, and we will implement legislative and practical measures to ensure police can tackle this problem.”

In addition, a Liberal Government will provide $1.6million over four years to fund anti-hoon police activities in the suburbs, including campaigns to encourage the public to “dob-in-a-hoon”.

“Police need the public to assist them with information about hooning, for example an address where unlicensed trail bikes are regularly entering or leaving,” Mrs Harvey said.

“This is the most efficient and safe way for police to locate and confiscate unlicensed trail bikes on our roads.”

The Liberals will also provide $170,000 over four years to fund an additional 24 covert remote CCTV cameras to assist police in obtaining evidence against hoons.

These cameras will be used to film hoon hotspots or addresses where intelligence is received regarding unlicensed trail bikes on roads.

“We believe this initiative will go some way to mitigating the danger and annoyance caused by hoons and unlicensed trail bikes in suburban areas. It is the next step in our war on hoon behaviour on our roads,” the Minister said.

A Liberal Government will also implement other legislative and practical changes to streamline processes, and ensure police can more readily identify offenders and efficiently deal with impounded vehicles.


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