Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Liberal News

Scitech to move to Burswood

Liberal Statement

A new world class home for Scitech will be built in the new eastside precinct at Burswood on a site nearly twice its current size under a re-elected Liberal Government.
After 24 years as the State’s premier science education centre, Scitech has nearly outgrown its 5,046 square metre West Perth headquarters.
Premier Colin Barnett said a 9,500square metre area of land at Burswood Peninsula and a $15million investment in a new world class, state-of-the-art, purpose built facility.
“Hundreds of thousands of Western Australians visit Scitech each year–it plays an important role in teaching and inspiring our young people about science and astronomy,” he said.
“By providing a significant amount of the expected constructions costs, and a large piece of land in the Burswood precinct, Scitech will be able to design a new home and will be able to completely revolutionise its exhibits and education programs in a purpose-built facility.
“New features, such as an outdoor natural science area, are a possibility in the new world class facility.”
Minister for Science and Innovation John Day said the funding and land package was a significant investment in the future of science in Western Australia.
“A new Scitech will become a science hub that inspires and engages our young people and plays an important role in nurturing WA science future through technology, engineering, astronomy and mathematics,” he said.
“This new addition to the Burswood Peninsula delivers a new element besides sportsthat people can enjoy–and another step towards the establishment of a true eastside precinct–with easy access from public transport.”

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