Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Liberal News

Liberals’ Planning Policy

Liberal Planning Policy
The Liberal-led Government has progressed a bold planning reform and infrastructure investment agenda. The Liberal Party is committed to underpinning Western Australia’s economic growth with a strong and stable planning system and transformative capital works projects, including Elizabeth Quay, Perth City Link, the Riverside Project and the revitalisation of the Perth Cultural Centre and William Street.
The reforms of our planning system include the introduction of Development Assessment Panels, a streamlining of the planning process to provide more robust and integrated planning systems and, significantly, the creation of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA).
The MRA incorporates the Subiaco, East Perth, Armadale and Midland redevelopment authorities. The MRA has overseen the commencement of works for the biggest transformation of Western Australia’s capital city with the Elizabeth Quay, Perth City Link and Riverside projects.
Revitalisation of the Perth Cultural Centre precinct has made it more accessible and interesting for WA families to come to the city and enjoy. If re-elected, the Liberals will use the expertise of the MRA to further transform key areas within metropolitan Perth, including:
  • A $70million transformation of Perth’s Scarborough, Leighton and Port beaches
  • A $2million revitalisation of the Northbridge Chinatown district in the heart of our city’s entertainment area
  • Funding for community gardens to foster greater community engagement in our neighbourhoods
  • Completing major works such as Elizabeth Quay and the Riverside project.
Scarborough, Leighton & Port Beach Revitalisation
If re-elected the Liberals will:
  • Allocate $30million to the redevelopment of the Scarborough Beach precinct, under the leadership of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority in cooperation with the City of Stirling
  • Allocate $40million to the realignment of Curtin Avenue to improve access and amenity near Leighton and Port beaches.
Scarborough Beach is a magnificent Western Australi an asset, both for local families and tourists. Despite a shared vision between the community and the local government, and many years of planning, Scarborough is falling well short of this potential.
The area has suffered from a lack of new private investment and instances of anti-social behaviour.
Funding under a Liberal Government would deliver improvements to the foreshore area and the area immediately east and see the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority work closely with the City of Stirling to carry out this important renewal of the Scarborough Beach area.
At Scarborough, works that can be expected to be funded as part of the$30million provided by the Liberals include:
  • New pedestrian promenades along the beachfront and cycling paths
  • Landscaping; a children’s playground; public art; fitness equipment; barbecues; seating; shade along the beach; improvements to access; and car parking.
Also planned are on-the-ground activities such as pop-up kiosks, outdoor movies, bike hire and children’s activities to improve family experiences when visiting the beach.
Realigning Curtin Avenue, so it runs along the railway line and draws heavy traffic away from Leighton and Port beaches, will open up more land for families, beachgoers and cyclists.
While there have been many improvements in the last decade at Leighton Beach, the Leighton Marshalling Yards remain a barren wasteland and potential danger for beachgoers crossing Curtin Avenue. The realignment of Curtin Avenue, south of the Marine Parade roundabout, will completely open up the area and bring back families and beachgoers to a revitalised beachfront.
Northbridge Chinatown Revitalisation
If re-elected, the Liberals will:
  • Spend $2million revitalising Nicks Lane and the Chinatown precinct in Northbridge, between Roe and James streets.

Northbridge has a rich multicultural history and is Perth’s original dining and entertainment destination. Northbridge’s popularity is set to rise as the revitalisation of Perth continues.

Chinatown is in a great position to benefit from the Government’s investment in the revitalisation of Perth, particularly the Perth City Link (PCL) project. The PCL means that Chinatown will be the gateway into Northbridge for people travelling from the CBD into Perth’s premiere entertainment district.

The Chinatown revitalisation project will include public works to improve the presentation of the public domain and enhance the precinct’s unique character. Works will include upgrading entry statements, signage, lighting, paving, landscaping and street furniture.
The project will be led by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, in close consultation with the City of Perth and surrounding land owners and businesses.
Community Gardens
If re-elected the Liberals will:
  • Spend $400,000 over four years to create community gardens
Establishing community gardens in existing local government parks (or lands administered by community organisations) has been a feature in Australian suburbs since the late 1990s. It is a proven success in the Eastern States and internationally, where providing a sense of achievement and empowerment to socio-economically disadvantaged communities has resulted in an effective reduction in the incidence of crime in estates.
In comparison to the Eastern States, Western Australia has significantly fewer community gardens, with an Australian 2012 Community Garden Survey indicating there were only 40 in the metropolitan area and very few in disadvantaged areas.
A $400,000 fund will be administered by the Department of Local Government to provide community organisations and local governments with:
  • Up to $10,000 for maintenance and upkeep of an existing community garden
  • Up to $20,000 for the establishment of a new community garden.
Major Projects
If re-elected the Liberals will:
  • Build Elizabeth Quay, a waterfront project that will revitalise Perth City
  • Complete the Riverside project and transform the eastern gateway to the city

Western Australia is experiencing a once-in-a-life-time opportunity during a period of unprecedented economic and population growth. Now is the time to invest in our future and enhance Perth’s reputation as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

In stark contrast to Labor, the Liberal Party will not short change the public of Western Australia. The Liberal Party will deliver Elizabeth Quay as a waterfront project which we can be proud of.
This $2.6 billion project will cover nearly 10 hectares between Barrack Street and William Street in the heart of the city.
It will reconnect the Swan River with the CBD by creating a vibrant, contemporary destination for Western Australians and tourists.
The project will include:
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars and shops;
  • Open space for events;
  • An island for families;
  • Public art;
  • 800 residential dwellings supporting a population of 1,400 people;
  • 400 hotel rooms; and
  • 200,000 sqm of office and commercial space
A re-elected Liberal Government will continue the $2 billion Riverside development, including a $94million investment from
the State Government. This 40 hectare project will revitalise the eastern gateway to the city, taking full advantage of the unique river setting and building on current attractions. The project consists of eight precincts which will combine to provide a range of entertainment, commercial, retail, civic and residential opportunities for visitors and residents. The project will include:
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars and shops;
  • Open space;
  • Public art;
  • 4,000 new dwellings, supporting a population of 7,000 people; and
  • 90,000 sqm of retail and commercial space.
Our Record
The Liberals have a strong record in Government of having:
  • Commenced construction of the Elizabeth Quay project which brings the river back into the heart of the city, creating a major destination for the people of Perth and visitors from all parts of Western Australia, Australia and the world. The project is expected to attract more than $2billion of private sector investment and provide much-needed office, commercial and residential space. However, at its heart, it will remain a welcoming and engaging environment for families and the entire community. Major earthworks and construction commenced in April 2012 with works due for completion by mid-2015.
  • Commenced construction of the Perth City Link which will fundamentally transform the heart of Perth, revitalising disused, tired land to provide a world-class underground transport hub with the sinking of a section of the rail line, creation of an underground inner-city bus station and providing pedestrian access ways. The project will see the construction of up to 1,650 new dwellings to provide housing for nearly 3,000 people. It will also provide 244,000sqm of retail and commercial space and create jobs for 13,500 Western Australians. A new City Square will provide a large, vibrant public place right in the heart of Perth and become one of Western Australia’s favourite public destinations, with capacity for up to 6,000 people and a prime location for concerts, exhibitions and functions. The project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth ($236million) and State Governments ($470million) and the City of Perth ($25million).
  • Begun the revitalisation of the eastern gateway to the city with the $2billion Riverside Project which will seamlessly merge the eastern end of the Perth CBD to the beauty of the Swan River. Preparatory works are already under way on the site adjacent to the Causeway with the precinct set to extend to the WACA Ground and eastern end of the CBD, incorporating a hotel development, shopping precinct, new residential and office accommodation, dining experiences and public open places.
  • Introduced Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) to streamline and improve the planning approvals process across the State. The DAPs system provides more transparency, consistency and certainty in decision making on complex development applications
  • Revitalised the Perth Cultural Centre with $35million allocated to deliver improvements such as seating, landscaping and public art, a new native wetland and urban orchard, children's play space, a giant LED screen, additional shade, feature lighting and improved security.
  • Refurbished William Street with a $6million investment from the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority. Through this development, crime has been reduced as the area has been transformed from a place people once avoided to a new destination for Perth. The growing vibrancy of Perth can be seen in the diverse, exciting new small bars, attracting increasing numbers of locals and tourists to the city.


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