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WA Labor to equip METRONET with free Wi-Fi to help tackle congestion crisis

Labor Statement

A McGowan Government will commit $1million towards installing free Wi-Fi on Perth trains in preparation for METRONET, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said the new generation trains ordered for METRONET would all have free Wi-Fi.

"The $1million, over three years, would go towards a trial of free Wi-Fi on Perth's current train fleet in preparation for METRONET," Mr McGowan said.

"We expect the initial investment will cover 10 trains with free Wi-Fi.

"Any new trains ordered would also be installed with Wi-Fi capability with the intention of improving or expanding it throughout the entire METRONET rail network.

"METRONET will not only connect the suburbs but it will also connect Perth commuters to the world.

"Free Wi-Fi is a further tool to attract commuters out of their cars and onto Perth's new transport network.

"If we want to solve the congestion crisis, we need to get people out of their cars and the incentive of being able to use free Wi-Fi is a great way to do it."

Mr McGowan said WA Labor would revolutionise and modernise Perth's public transport system with the construction of METRONET - which includes new lines to the Airport, Ellenbrook, Yanchep and north and south circle lines.

"Part of the modernisation is to provide free internet access for train commuters," he said.

"It's all part of making METRONET a world class transport system.

"This free Wi-Fi trial will identify the level of demand and any improvements required to ensure the successful roll-out of free Wi-Fi across METRONET.

"Following the successful conclusion of the trial, WA Labor will convert the remainder of the current train fleet to ensure all trains on METRONET have free Wi-Fi access.

"The importance of staying connected and being able to search for information is crucial in today's society and only gaining in relevance.

"Local tourism will benefit from tourists ability to find out on-the-go information about locations and events."

Mr McGowan said WA Labor would make Perth's rail system a priority, for today and the future, as the city was suffering a congestion crisis and our rail system was struggling to cope.

"The Barnett Government has contributed to our congestion crisis by having the wrong priorities," he said.

"It deferred the railway extension to Butler and broke promises on the Ellenbrook railway and Canning Vale Station.

"Only WA Labor can be trusted to build rail."

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