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METRONET to provide biggest ever boost in car parking

Labor Statement

A WA Labor Government will provide an additional 17,000 parking bays across the rail network over the next eight years as part of its $3.8billion METRONET plan, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan said today.

Mr McGowan said WA Labor will provide close to 5,000 additional car-parking bays across the Perth rail network in its first term of government.

“WA Labor will build on average more than 750 car parking bays at each station built under METRONET, excluding the new Perth Airport station,” Mr McGowan said.

“We will include a number of super car parks at some of the outer metropolitan stations with up to 2,000 bays, including the new Atwell Station.

“For the first time, we will trial satellite car parks based away from train stations with regular bus feeder services direct to the stations.

“WA Labor is committed to easing Perth’s congestion crisis and the additional car park bays will provide real incentive for Western Australians to consider using the rail system.”

A WA Labor Government will:

  • Build a 400-bay park and ride facility at the site of the future Nicholson Road METRONET station in Canning Vale in our first term of Government;
  • Provide a feeder bus service from this car park to the Thornlie station until the new Canning Vale station is open;
  • Progress a trial of a 1,500-bay satellite car park on weekdays at the Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex and feeder bus service to Greenwood station in our first term of Government;
  • Provide more than 17,000 new car parking bays across the Perth rail network over the next eight years, 5000 of these in our first term of Government; and
  • Build park and ride facilities at all new METRONET train stations, except Perth Airport station.

Mr McGowan said there were many spaces across Perth that had potential to be used as satellite car parks on weekdays.

“Feeder buses and satellite stations are part of WA Labor’s long-term plan for METRONET to have high-frequency buses feed into our transport network,” he said.

“WA Labor will work with local councils to identify suitable locations and develop bus links to service the car parks to help commuters to use the METRONET rail network.

“Security will be provided at these car parks.

“Bringing people in on buses from satellite car parks using high frequency buses will avoid congestion by removing up to 50 cars for each bus.

“This will be a win for commuters and a win for ratepayers.”

Mr McGowan said WA Labor will progress a trial of a satellite car park at the Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex, a centre containing 2,000 bays that are mostly empty during the week.

“We will seek to use up to 1,500 of these bays, ensuring there are enough available for weekday activities at the centre,” he said.

“A fleet of feeder bus services will take people directly to Greenwood station around 5 kilometres away. These will run regularly throughout the day, with services every four to 10 minutes during peak hour.

“If this trial is successful WA Labor will seek to expand it to other suburbs.”

Mr McGowan said WA Labor has allocated funding for the construction costs of the satellite car parks under its $3.8billion METRONET investment in public transport in the first term of Government.

“The estimated total operating costs of today’s announcement is $700,000 per annum including feeder bus services and security at car parks,” he said.

“METRONET will revolutionise the way Western Australians utilise public transport and ease Perth’s congestion crisis.”

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