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The Nationals WA back the sheep industry

Nationals Statement

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman has inspected the current research site which may become The Nationals WA’s proposed Sheep Industry Development Centre in Katanning.

The $10million centre, likely to be established at the Great Southern Agriculture Research Institute, is one of the features of The Nationals WA $300 million agriculture policy.

“WA wool is widely recognised as the finest in world, our lamb is in high demand across the globe and our live sheep exports are a valuable source of protein in countries throughout the Middle East and Asia,” Mr Redman said.

“Despite this, the WA sheep industry has suffered some major setbacks with the dry season in 2010 and the suspension of live exports last year.

“For the industry to survive we need to rebuild the state’s sheep flock and continue to improve productivity in meat and wool production.”

Mr Redman said the Sheep Industry Development Centre would drive advances in breeding, flock management, transport and processing logistics and market access.

“The Sheep Industry Leadership Council (SILC) has already done some great work through programs like the ‘More Sheep’ initiative,” Mr Redman said.

“The Nationals WA will work closely with the SILC on the design and direction of the centre to ensure the sheep industry has the support it needs to grow and prosper.”

Other measures in The Nationals WA $300 million agriculture policy include a $75 million Infrastructure Investment Fund, $20 million in research grants for grower groups and $20 million to bolster WA’s biosecurity defences.

“The policy has been designed to create more wealth for WA farmers by tapping into the rapid economic growth in Asia,” Mr Redman said.

“We believe the future of our regions is linked to the fortunes of the agriculture industry and this investment sets up the industry for success.

“We have an opportunity to convert the potential of the Asian century into real growth for WA’s agriculture sector, with greater returns for WA farmers and strong sustainable regional communities.”

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