Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Nationals plan for Tier 3 only responsible way forward

Nationals Statement

Nationals MP and candidate for Central Wheatbelt, Mia Davies has stated that The Nationals WA was the only Party that had a responsible position on tier 3 rail.

“The Nationals WA released their plan for the future of the rail freight network prior to Christmas in 2012 and we have committed funds to it,” Ms Davies said.

“Our plan is to confirm the amount required, assess the complex circumstances surrounding the current lease arrangement and test the business models put forward by the stakeholders in the industry.

“Anything less and we’d be playing fast and loose with taxpayers dollars and would be rightly criticised for it.”

She said CBH’s announcement on Friday that it was almost ready to put its case to Government was welcome as prior to this there had been no concrete information for Government to consider.

“There has been no possibility of reaching an earlier resolution to the matter and anyone that claims otherwise is being simplistic and does not understand the complexity of the issue,” she said.

“The State and Federal Government made a significant investment into the grain freight network in 2010 and following on from this, CBH formed a partnership with Watco and invested in their own rolling stock.

“Over the last two years they have taken receipt of the new rolling stock and have been working to develop maintenance and operating models to suit the infrastructure that’s available.”

Ms Davies said it would take more than just dollars on the table to resolve the issue.

“The Nationals WA have committed the dollars, and we will continue to work with all stakeholders to seek a resolution to the complex contractual arrangements that are stalling the issue,” she said.

“Our recently released Agricultural Policy includes a $75 million Infrastructure Fund that will provide the dollars required, should we be returned to Government with the balance of power.”

She rejected recent comments suggesting that the Labor Party was offering voters in the electorate the best deal on the issue.

“This issue will not be resolved without a business case which is supported by the three main parties (Brookfield, CBH and Government) along with Government investment. To suggest that money is the sole issue is naïve,” she said.

“The Labor party does not have the interests of the Wheatbelt residents at heart; rather, their interest is in capturing metro votes on congestion issues.”

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