Election 2013 Western Australia March 9

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Better weather information on The Nationals WA radar

Nationals Statement

The Nationals WA candidate for Moore Shane Love says a new weather radar station at Jurien Bay would benefit farmers, fishermen and emergency services.

The new radar station is proposed in The Nationals WA $300 million dollar agriculture policy, which aims to help WA farmers seize the opportunities being created through the rapid economic growth in Asia.

“Our agriculture policy includes a $10 million package of measures to help WA farmers manage risk,” Mr Love said.

“Even the best farmers are at the mercy of things that are beyond their control, like the weather.

“A new $3 million radar station at Jurien Bay will provide farmers in the Midlands region with better information and more accurate forecasts, so they can make better decisions about when to seed, when to spray and how to manage their livestock.

“Although the intention is to help farmers, a new radar station will also provide valuable information for professional and recreational boat users along the Mid West and Wheatbelt coast, and help emergency services prepare and respond to storms and bushfires.”

Other risk management measures in The Nationals WA agriculture policy include another new radar station in Merredin, expanding and upgrading the state’s network of automated weather stations and 50 more Yield Prophet sites to give farmers’ accurate soil and moisture profiles.

Mr Love said the package would also help commercial insurance companies develop crop insurance products.

“The State government has been supporting commercial insurers in their quest to develop a crop insurance product over the past few years,” Mr Love said.

“They’re telling us they need better data on things like rainfall patterns, crop yields and the prevalence of frost and hail events, and this new package will provide much more comprehensive and reliable information.”

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